Ecep 232 -families ppt


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Ecep 232 -families ppt

  1. 1. Family Service Toronto Topic: Family and Poverty Group member :Ke Wang, Yingying Pan, Maria Christine Mendoza, Yuan Wang, Kellie Downing, Yan Wen Shi.
  2. 2. Animoto
  3. 3. Locations There are several locations in GTA. The main office is located at Downtown, Toronto. Our group went:  Scarborough :747 Warden Avenue  Phone number: 416- 7555-565
  4. 4. History Almost 100 years of Service FST started as the Neighbourhood Workers Association (NWA) in 1914. Why? The growing levels of poverty faced many families in the city. 2008 the name is changed to Family Service Toronto Original purpose: severed as umbrella organization, bring churches and other charitable organization to relief to families in need.
  5. 5. FST’s Goal The goal of FST Counselling service is:  Help people find better communication skills,  Explore their strengths and weakness  Help them find resources to solve their problems and give a wide range of information. You can receive counseling in a numerous amount of ways such as; online, by phone, brief counseling (6 sessions), single sessions consultations, or on- going counseling.
  6. 6. Clients 10,000 people/year get help through Changing lives and Family Violence. (Scarborough location) Is there a waiting list?  There is a year long wait list for general counselling  0 to 1 month for Violence Against Women Counselling  6 months or more for seniors program Who can get support?  anyone who lives in Toronto or works in Toronto.
  7. 7. FundingSources of Revenue 2011-2012 Amount in Dollars PercentageGovernment Revenues for Community 5,365,928 25.7%programsGovernment and partner Agency Revenues for 7,014,122 33.6%Client Purchase of ServiceEarned Income (95% Employee Assistance 3,968,689 19.1%Programs & Integrated Workplace Solutions;5% individual client fees)United Way 3,721,897 17.9%Donations and Non-Government Grants 606,970 2.9%Investment Income and Other Income 172,545 0.8%TOTAL 20,850,151 100%
  8. 8. Services FST Offer: There are many services that FST is offering. The most common one is Counselling. You can get other services through Counselling. There are three part Programs and Services  Changing lives  Family Violence (VAW)  Building Inclusive Communities
  9. 9. FST’s Expertise Abuse and Violence  HIV/AIDS Adult Survivors of  Intellectual Disabilities Childhood Trauma  Parenting Issues Coming out  Relationships Bereavement  Seniors Issues and Separation or Divorce Caregiver Stress Remarriage  Sexual Orientation Depression and stress
  10. 10. Circumstances That Leads to Choosing FST There are many reasons. Any issues related to individuals.  Housing,  Poverty,  Abuse,  New Immigration,  Unemployment (with stress)  Child with Special Needs.
  11. 11. Poverty to FST The poverty issues always related to other issues. It never just poverty. People who end up with Poverty can have many circumstances.  Abused  Disabilities  Mental issues  Lost of income  Homeless  Stress out
  12. 12. Poverty Poverty is “People have no income left after every expenses or no income at all.” Lower than $25,000 annually is considered as living in poverty in Toronto. Depends on the situation may define Poverty differently.
  13. 13. What Can FST Do For You? How can FST help?  Counselling, to identify the problem 1st.  Workshop  Plan, based on individual issues  Provide resources and services based on the issue.  If only can’t find a job, FST may not be the best choice. FST can help people solve personal issues or family issues. FST can provide useful information that you may not know.  Pensions for special needs child(ren). (get on wheel trans, no age limits)  Provide programs/services that will help you cope with your issues.
  14. 14. Are The Services Free?  Most of them are free  Violence Against Women (Free)  Seniors and Caregivers (Free)  General Counselling (depends on your income.$ 0-110)  Some of them are cost, most of them are free.
  15. 15. How Can ECE Refer FST? If the parents need food, referral food bank If the parents need find job, referral Employment services. Referral parents when they live in poverty and also have issues about how to dealing with their child, or have other family relation issues. There are different language services. Through Website, doctor offices.