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Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide


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The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide.

This guide will teach you the step by step process to get the most out of your Facebook ads. It will teach you how to create the ad itself, who the ad should be targeting towards, and how to create the custom audiences that will bring in leads. This guide will teach you the best way to profit from Facebook ads as well as when to use them and when other options are better suited.

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Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide

  1. 1. The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Yinc Marketing
  2. 2. Facebook Ads and Achieve Greatness • Should you be using Facebook to market your product or service? • Can Facebook give you the ROI (Return On Investment)? • What are some of the best practices for Facebook marketing • How does Facebook Marketing compare to YouTube, Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bing? • How to build custom audiences and control your ad spend • How to set up your funnel the correct way so you can track your conversions.
  3. 3. To Be or Not to Be…On Facebook • 67% of the United States’ population is on Facebook • 82% of the United Kingdom’s population is on Facebook • 829 million active daily users on Facebook • Facebook is the most popular app on smartphones • Build custom audiences and target groups
  4. 4. Caution! • Don’t let Facebook control your budget • Don’t be carless on your tracking and reporting • Don’t forget to check your progress at least once a week. • Run ads to specific landing pages that you can track • Don’t forget to tell your mom you love her... :)
  5. 5. Facebook Cost Per Lead (Last 7 Day Period) • Facebook ads were run using retargeting and specific audiences.
  6. 6. Facebook Video • Take caution o Facebook considers a video view when someone watches 3 seconds of your video o YouTube considers a video view when someone watches 30 seconds. • Cost Per Video View Facebook: $0.75 (3 seconds) • Cost Per Video View YouTube: $0.09 (30 seconds)
  7. 7. YouTube Cost Per Lead • YouTube is still one of my favorite avenues to capture leads
  8. 8. Adwords Cost Per Lead • Adwords is where you are going to get your most qualified leads.
  9. 9. Adwords • The cost is more, but as long as the ROI is there, you should be running ads on Adwords. • Retargeting on Adwords is also a good idea.
  10. 10. Caution! • Google continues to change the rules and continues to increase the cost per click • Adwords can be very expensive and very competitive • Fraudulent Clicks (eliminate this with ip exclusions) • Use exact words and phrase match
  11. 11. Create Facebook Ads the Right Way • You have to build and target custom audiences o Build off a current email list, contacts, and your website visitors • Most relevant audience is your actual customers. Start with them when you create your Facebook ads
  12. 12. Step 1 • Create Your Ad o What is your goal? I usually build ads for Website Conversions o Facebook asks you to choose your landing page and conversion pixel • I do not have confidence in Facebook tracking. To combat this, I build a separate landing page and Thank You page. This is where your marketing funnel comes into play. • Build a funnel that is dedicated to Facebook Lead Generation only
  13. 13. Step 1
  14. 14. Step 2 • Design your ad o Follow the instructions and make sure you create a nice customized image
  15. 15. Step 2 • Do: o Create a strong headline o Design a custom image that is unique and will capture attention o Place Call to Actions throughout the ad
  16. 16. Step 3 • IMPORTANT! Create your audience o Create an audience with Facebook Retargeting (website visitors) • Facebook will give you a code to place on your site. This will allow you to run ads to people who have visited your website o On Facebook, build a look-a-like audience from the list
  17. 17. Step 3 • Create an audience from your current contact lists, CRM, email lists, social media accounts, or phone contacts • You can target age, gender, languages, interests, behaviors, etc… • Don’t run Facebook ads without a targeted audience
  18. 18. Little Tricks to Apply to Your Ads • Create your ad (set a very low budget) • Make sure the ads is approved first • Create 8-12 similar ads • On day two check and see what ad has the highest conversion, click through rate, or website clicks. • Pick the highest converting ad and turn off all the rest.
  19. 19. Find Out More Here • How Retargeting Can Be Used to Nurture Leads • Facebook Retargeting Has Finally Arrived-Facebook Ads