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  1. 1. Yin FANG ♦ +1-352-281-1699 299 ♦ Diamond VLG APT 13, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32603 EDUCATION  Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Aug 2013-present University of Florida Gainesville, FL, US  Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Aug 2011-May 2013 University of Florida Gainesville, FL, US  Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Science and Engineering Sep 2005-June 2009 Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology Beijing, China PATENT  Yin, F; Phillips, B. M.; Askar, K.; Peng, J. “Pressure Sensitive Macroporous Photonic Crystals for Tunable Diffractive Optical Devices, Iridescent Finger Printing Films, and Anti-glaring Coatings and Method for Producing”, International Patent #PCT/US2014/063172  Yin, F; Askar, K.; Peng, J. “Smart Light-Regulating Coatings and Methods of Making” US Patent Application# 62/065336  Yin, F; Beverly, G; Peng, J. “Sensitive Chromogenic Vapor Sensors Enabled By Shape Memory polymers” US Patent Application# 62/158566  Yin, F; Luping, L; Cheng, X; Yang, Z; Peng, J; Kirk, Z. “Method for Fabricating Silicon Nanowires with Controllable Spacing and Diameter” US Patent Application# 62/181468 SKILLS  Self-assembled photonic crystals, anti-reflection coating, tunable photonic crystals, shape memory polymer, self-healing materials ,polymer thin film fabrication process, nanocomposite materials  Microfabrication: Sputtering Deposition, Wet etching, Dry etching (plasma etching), photolithography, soft lithography, clean room working experience,  Thin film characterization technique: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),Atomic Force  Microscope (AFM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Ellipsometry, reflectometery and UV-Vis Spectrometer, Film metrics (F-20, F40), Conformal microscope, Rame-hart contact angle.  Polymer characterization technique: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Dynamic  Mechanical Analysis(DMA), Thermogravimetric analysis(TGA) ACADEMIC RESEARCH Prof. Jiang’s Group, University of Florida Gainesville FL Research Assistant 2011 Fall-present  Designed a new macro-pores pressure-sensitive elastic photonic crystals enabled by shape memory, which was broadly used as fingerprint identification, anti-counterfeited film and toxic vapor sensor
  2. 2.  Designed a tunable Macro-pores structure for filtration  Fabricated macroporous membrane which has uniform dispersed quantum dots  Exploited optically bistable macroporous photonic crystal enabled by thermoresponsive shape memory polymers  Designed a new light-regulating and self-supporting smart windows, facilitating cost and energy-saving;  Developed scalable bottom-up fabrication of colloidal crystals  Developed self-assembly self-cleaning broadband anti-reflect coating  Effectively self-assembled large scale colloidal crystal by Doctor Blade Coating  Exploited new materials for directly writing 3D crystals, which can be used as novel written WordPad  Applied dry etching tool to make nano-pillar, pyramid and ring structures to enhance surface sensitivity TEACHING EXPERIENCE Advanced chemical and biological LAB, University of Florida Teaching Assistant  Designed and set up spin coating related to self-assembled photonic crystals in graduate level experiment  Taught and guided undergraduate students in design of experiments  Ran pilot plants of several unit operations, including preparing self-assenbled colloidal suspension  Calibrated photonic crystals by spin coating, film thickness and viscosity of colloidal suspension  Developed skills in teaching and presentation, calculation and engineering-design wrote and updated the manuals for the experiments WORK EXPERIENCE Feb. 2010- 2011, Chemist, Changyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd.  Detection of nitrogen composition in nitrogen amino acid, amino acid and soluble saltless solids in food products using Kjeldahl determination or formaldehyde method  Experienced in analytic chemistry detections according to national standard June 2009 – Dec. 2009, Chemist, Omar Import & Export Trading Company  Performed tests for raw materials  Quantified the Al, Ca, Mn, Cr, P, S, and C’s composition in final products and confirmed the final output of ferrosilicon compliance in line with industry standards HONORS AND AWARDS Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award 2015 Graduate Student Council Travel Award, AICHE Conference 2015 Outstanding TA of Advance Chemical and Biological LAB 2013.1-2013.5 Second- class scholarship from Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology 2005-2008
  3. 3. Second prize in Henan Province chemistry competition 2004 PUBLICATIONS Fang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Leo, S.; Taylor, C.; Basile, V.; Jiang, P.* Reconfigurable Photonic Crystals Enabled by Pressure-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers. Nature Communication, 2015, 6, 7416. Fang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Choi, B.; Leo, S.; Gao, J.; Ge, B.; Taylor, C.; Basile, V.; Jiang, P *Chromogenic Photonic Crystals Enabled by Novel Vapor-Responsive Shape-Memory Polymers. Advanced Materials, 2015, 27, 3696-3704. Fang, Y.; Ni, Y.; Leo, S.; Wang, B.; Basile, V.; Taylor, C.*; Jiang, P.*, Direct Writing of Three-Dimensional Macroporous Photonic Crystals on Pressure-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers. ACS Appl, Mater, Interface, 2015. Fang, Y.; Leo, S.; Ni, Y.; Yu, L.; Qi, P.; Wang, B.; Basile, V.; Taylor, C.; Jiang, P.*, Optically Bistable Macroporous Photonic Crystals Enabled by Thermoresponsive Shape Memory Polymers. Advanced optical materials, 2015. (Cover article). Fang, Y.; Phillips, B. M.; Askar, K.; Choi, B.; Jiang, B.; Jiang, P.* Scalable Bottom-Up Fabrication of Colloidal Photonic Crystals and Plasmonic Nanostructures. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2013, 38, 6031-6047. (Invited review article) (Selected for 2013 Journal of Materials Chemistry C Hot Papers) Li, L.; Fang, Y.; Xu, C.; Zhao, Y.; Wu, K.; Limburg, C.; Jiang, P.; Ziegler, J.* Using spin coating to precisely control diameters and spacing of chemically etched Si nanowires. Submitted to Nanoscale, under review. Fang, Y.; Askar, K.; Leo, S. Y.; Ni, Y. L.; Basile, V; Taylor, C; Jiang, P.*, Tunable Nanoporous Antireflection Coatings Enabled by Chemoresponsive Shape Memory Polymers. Submitted to ACS Nano. Fang, Y.; Basile, V; Leo, S.Y; Ni, Y.; Talylor, C; Jiang, P. * Developed surface buckling-based coatings for smart windows by exploring the tunablity between a highly transparent and an opaque state of a self-assembled particle system. Submitted to Advanced Materials. Yang, H. T.; Gozubenli, N.; Fang, Y. & Jiang, P.* Generalized Fabrication of Two-Dimensional Non-Close-Packed Colloidal Crystals with Controlled Lattice Spacing. Langmuir, 2013, 25, 7674-7681. Yang, H. T.; Dou, X.; Fang, Y. & Jiang, P.* Self-Assembled Biomimetic Superhydrophobic Hierarchical Arrays. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2013, 405, 51-57. (Cover article) Askar, K.; Phillips, B. M.; Fang, Y.; Choi, B.; Gozubenli, N.; Jiang, B. & Jiang, P.* Self-Assembled Self-Cleaning Broadband Anti-reflection Coatings. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, accepted for publication, 2013, 439, 84-100. (Invited review article)
  4. 4. PRESENTATION Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Tunable Macroporous Photonic Crystals Enabled By Shape Memory Polymers” AICHE Annual meeting 728 (2013) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Self-Assembled Superhydrophilic Polymer Membranes for Size-Exclusion Separation.” AICHE Annual meeting 822 (2013) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Novel pressure-responsive shape memory polymers.” AICHE annual meeting 732 (2014) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Reconfigurable Self-Assembled Photonic Crystals Enabled By Novel Stimuli-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers.” AICHE Annual meeting 716 (2014) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Nanostructured Shape Memory Polymers for Reconfigurable Nanooptics.” AICHE Annual meeting 251A (2015) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Chromogenic Vapor Sensors Enabled By Novel Shape Memory Polymers.” AICHE Annual meeting 254B (2015) Yin Fang and Peng Jiang. “Reconfigurable Nanooptics Enabled by Novel Stimuli-Responsive Shape Memory Polymers.” MRS Fall meeting (2015) SYNERGISTIC ACTIVITIES Selected Journal Reviewer: Sensor and Actuator B, Optical Materials, Materials Research Bulletin, Applied Surface Science, Optical Letters, Optical Materials Express, Applied ceramic Technology. ACS applied materials and interface. RSC Advances, Angewandte Chemie, Smart and nano materials, Journal of the American Ceramic Society.