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A business pitch for our ishop smart App

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  • An apparel Search Engine for a nearby (Physical) Store
  • Maybe I say how did I come with the idea. No good solution is the market. An apperal Search engine for physical retailers. (Busy professional people and families who are busy just started) Our mission is to have every single apparel and clothing items in every canadian store avaiable/accessboile/searchable online No matter of how much technology advancements like you can see the product from angle but nothing feels great like holding/touching/feeling the product epecially when it comes to clothing. Plus The most important thing is to see the product physically, do not want to wait for shipping and do not to pay extra for shiping. Since online cannot replicate everything about the instore fashion experience.
  • many people shop offline at local clothing retailers because they prefer to buy a product that they can see, feel, and try before committing to their purchase. An apperal Search engine for physical retailers. To integrate the power of content-driven online apparel search, with the convenience of geo-location services, in order to tap into the rapidly expanding market of consumers who Research Online, yet still prefer to Buy Offline (ROBO). A smartphone application that allows users to search in an online capacity for retail apparel based on color and associated properties, and be presented with results reflecting available items from stores within a certain vicinity of the user. It's like having the mall and its contents at the buyer’s fingertips, yet with the added bonus being able to filter based on item relevance. no more searching online---->calling stores----->find out where the product is. no more hasle. color based/sort based on price/sale vs. no sale
  • Get your customers to find your products in real time. Save on shipping both retailer and consumers. This application will revolutionize the apparel retail industry by exposing an inventory database for each store through a centralized portal that is searchable by the consumer based on their preferences in real-time. This
  • the consumer side, the application will be free for downloa Future Revenue Possible data selling d and use
  • I am very into open work place like DMZ. I am also willing to give up some of time helping in the zone and help other entroupers witrh my skills. I already worked in the DMZ during my masters part of Dr. Kyan research group. My skills is image processing techniques with some intelligent techniques (patents). I am very open when it comes to new innovate ideas which I have and would also to partner with others. One of my advisors is Mark Sibila is also willing to hire and work with the zone to develop new digital media ideas. I already applied for funding and also familier with many funding applicaion which I will be applying also assitiing others. I am big technology news follower in the news. And think of new great ideas everyday.
  • Already hire to 2 Ryerson grad. One graduated last year and one is graduating soon. Both are good programmers. I was a project leader managing them during industry project was funded by ARC. I broght the printing company (Trade Secret Printing Inc.) and we applied to fund and we did it. I2I
  • iShop Smart

    1. 1. iShopSmart Nawar Fdhal B.Eng, M.A.Sc.
    2. 2. The Pain in Apparel Shopping• Online Shopping • In-store Shopping – Cannot Try clothes on – Time consuming – Wait for shipping – Miss good deals – Pay extra shipping cost – Hard to find desired items• Research Online & Buy Offline (ROBO) – Complicated – Store based search – Unguaranteed Product’s Availability
    3. 3. The Solution• Seamlessly bridge the gap• Real-time access to stores inventories• Search based on color, style, size and price• Location based
    4. 4. Value Proposition• Consumer – Find items easier – Save time – Save money – Can feel and try clothes on – Instant gratification• Retailers – Drive more traffic – Increase sales – New customers – Inexpensive way to advertise – Save shipping cost
    5. 5. Research and Statistics• In 2009, 45% of Canadian used the internet to search for Clothing and accessories without placing an order online.• In 2010, 66% of apparel shopping happened inside retailer stores.• In 2011, Online clothing sales is 0.5 billion compared to 25 billion spend on clothing offline.
    6. 6. Business Model• Subscription fee – $10.00 per month – First month free• Consumer – Free to use
    7. 7. The Team• Nawar Fdhal – received his M.A.Sc. and B.Eng. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ryerson University in May 2011 and May 2008 respectively. His M.A.Sc. thesis was heavily based on automated color evaluation of printed materials in a viewing booth for the printing industry. He has developed a new technology of balancing the light in the viewing booth (patent pending). He has a strong foundation in search optimization algorithms and machine learning.• Yiming Qian – graduated with a B.Eng from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of at Ryerson University in May2012. His specialty is database back- end programming and web development. He has experience with MySQL, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Java, .Net, and C++. He worked as a research assistant in Ryerson University from November 2011 to March 2012 on a project to develop a distributed framework for corporate color management in print manufacturing. In 2010-2011, He worked as an engineering intern in Siemens Canada, and developed many custom AutoCAD and MS Office plug-ins to improve the engineering efficiency.
    8. 8. Our Advisor• Dr. Matthew Kyan – is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With a background in both computer science, and electrical engineering, Dr. Kyan’s primary expertise is in machine learning algorithms and multimedia signal processing. Dr. Kyan’s research group specialises in the R&D of technologies that bridge the gap between the mining, extraction analysis and visualisation of information from within multimedia based data repositories, and has played a key role in establishing Ryerson’s Centre for Interactive Multimedia Information Mining (CIM2). Dr. Kyan will oversee the project management, and will provide technical direction in the development of the front and backend web and database design.
    9. 9. Thank You