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Sami race essay


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Q4 race essay

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Sami race essay

  1. 1. ESSAY PRESENTATIONBy Sami Karamalla-Gaiballa
  2. 2. THE QUESTIONExplain why we need to consider historical context(s) whenexamining the social construction of ‘race’ in Britain Base to write a plan Key words-highlighted The main argument (that we need to consider history when wetalking about ‘race’ in Britain)
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Stating the main arguement Definition of the key words: ‘Race’- definition Social construction- ‘race’ is social not natural Historical context(s)- imperialism; the New Right in Britain; Race andemergence of feminism I wrote how I am going to approach the question- ‘At the beginningthe essay is going to discuss….’
  4. 4. SECTION 1- IMPERIALISM Slave trade-economic needs were very important in understandingthe development of the concept of race (stated at the beginning ofparagraph) Empirical evidence- British imperialists started to insist ondivisions when slave trade started (Jordan 2000;) Link to the question and answering it
  5. 5. SECTION 2- POLITICS ANDNATIONALISM Two paragraphs: 1- Impact of the immigration in 1980s; ‘new racism’; the New Right politics; 2- further evaluation of ‘cultural racism’; English/British/Irish problem(s); andsome analysis of recent thinkers (Slavoj Zizek) as well as todays attitude:‘…public has an exaggerated view about how instantly immigrants can accesswelfare and health service, which is not surprising when anxiety is inflamed bypoliticians on the hunt for a cheap headline’ (Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer10/03/13)
  6. 6. SECTION 3- GENDER ANDRACE Both gender and race are socially constructed In both cases there is a need to consider the development ofBritish capitalism and colonialism (Persram 1997) Using stereotypes eg. Asian girls have no freedom while Englishgirls are thought to be in ‘liberated’ culture
  7. 7. CONCLUSION Restating briefly all three arguments Show that they support the thesis that historical context(s) areimportant when discussing social construction of ‘race’
  8. 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY It included: Books-some of them collections of articels by different authors Some statistics about immigration –from BBC website Some views from the press-in this case the Observer