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Hebe education cultural capital essay plan


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Q7 education cultural capital essay plan

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Hebe education cultural capital essay plan

  1. 1. Does the British Education System play apart in reproducing class difference?Critically discuss with reference to theconcept of ‘Cultural Capital’By Hebe ThorneKey People:WeberMarxBourdieuTo use in argument:ReayBennettCollins
  2. 2. Argument:• The existing education system not only compounds traditional classdivides but enhances them as well; (Increasing social mobility isn’tenough to break this)• Intro: Defined class and cultural capital, then linked thesedefinitions in with theories of class. Pulled out significance ofBourdieu’s “institutionalised state” within cultural capital as thisplaced emphasis on educational qualifications.• Conc: Reinforced argument, idea that all components of ‘culturalcapital’ are linked and impact one another. ‘The better schoolsattract more of the middle class meaning the middle class get abetter education. The whole process is cyclical’
  3. 3. • Parental Involvement– Tend to get more involved with schooling when of a higher class (Reaystudy) More help tends to mean they are likely to go further with theireducation– Wealthier parents can afford more resources e.g. Tutors• Variety of schools– SELECTIVE SCHOOLS: Private primary schools tend to have more extensivetutoring for entrance esxams OR middle class parents can afford to pay forprivate tutoring =unfair advantage. Therefore more higher class childrenat selective school– More wealthy can afford to move into catchment of better schools. Also,better schools tend to be in the more wealthy areas.– The worst schools tend to be in the poorer areas, and are less stimulating.Therefore working class clever students may not feel motivated. (e.g. feelout of place in Gifted and Talented Schemes-Reay)– Oxbridge• Meritocracy of Britain– Idea that you get to higher places due to ability, but tend to have bettereducational qualifications from ‘better schools’-these as mentioned tendto be elite and require ££– Idea of inequality within parliamentLINK