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Charis cultural capital and education


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Q7 cultural capital and education essay plan

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Charis cultural capital and education

  1. 1. Does the British Education systemplay a part in reproducing classdifferences? Critically discuss withreference to the concept of culturalcapital.By Charis McGowan
  2. 2. Introduction• Explain meritocracy e.g achievement by merit• Add a quote by a politician explainingeducation e.g Thatcher; Blair; Brown• Is This a true representation? Discuss gapbetween working class/middle class.
  3. 3. Main Body• Historical evolution of education• Class differences starting 19th Century. Discusshow only elite members of society weretaught in Sunday schools.• The Industrial revolution meant workersneeded limited education to reproducecapitalism.• Discuss education acts.
  4. 4. • Discuss recent changes to education eg.Labour government creating academies fordisadvantaged schools.• Use stats to show success of academy schools• This is an attempt to build the bridge betweenworking class and middle class.• However Labor then introduced universityfees for the first time which limited workingclass from being able to go to University.• Statistics show the drop in Universityapplicants since the 9,000 fees.
  5. 5. • How does class affect education?• Class differences start as early as 22 monthsold.• Supports schemes such as Sure Start areintroduced to help this gap. However thesehave now been cut by the coalitiongovernment.• Bourdieu explain how cultural capital helpsmiddle class families achieve e.g educationaltoys and knowledge around the educationsystem. (main focus of essay)
  6. 6. • Teachers Perceptions of students also affectthe working class e.g setting and streamingthem.• This limits what they know• Studies such as Becker, Mac and Ghaill andWillis show this.
  7. 7. • However some believe class is not the mainfactor in education. Discuss theories such asFeminism and Marxism.Conclude your essay with a summary.