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Consciousness Hacking NL


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this is the intro presentation of the first Consciousness Hacking Meetup of the Dutch edition of this global community

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Consciousness Hacking NL

  1. 1. Consciousness Hacking 'Engineering the future of psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing'
  2. 2. Programme 19.15 Welcome 19:30 Introduction Consciousness Hacking 19:45 Dr. Gino Yu 20:45 Break 21:15 Dr. Gino Yu 22:15 Q&A 22:30 End
  3. 3. Consciousness Hacking? ‘An exploration into the ways that technology can support psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We are a global community, building a future where technology is in service to the highest ideals of humanity.’
  4. 4. Background • Mikey Siegel ‘Can technology be a tool to help us realize a profound sense of peace and wellbeing?’ ‘Can the devices around us do more than provide information and change behavior?’ ‘What if our gadgets guided us toward acceptance and balance, independent of circumstance.’
  5. 5. Transformative Technology Transformative Technologies are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience. Transformative Technology seeks to improve the quality of our lives by moving beyond productivity, entertainment, and communication. Its using technology to sustain us, to help us access and develop our mental and emotional wellbeing so that we can experience our best-selves day-to-day.
  6. 6. Meetups • Montly meetups, throughout NL • Possible content demos, philosophical/ethical discussions, showcasing new technologies, support for new projects & products, networking & building community etc.
  7. 7. Key words: thinking, doing, building, hacking, envisioning, experiencing, feeling, learning, connecting, empowering, supporting
  8. 8. Possible subjects • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Quantified Self • Internet of Things • Serious Gaming • Robotics • AI • Transhumanism • Nanotechnology • Singularity • Biohacking • Neurohacking • Quantum Physics • Mindfulness • Software • App/Web Design • Social networks • Wellness
  9. 9. Upcoming Meetups • March: Social Networking & Consciousness • April: Virtual Reality & Coaching
  10. 10. My passion & mission • My passion is at the cutting edge between consciousness and computer technology • My mission is to create products & services that contribute to the consciousness & wellbeing of its users
  11. 11. Under construction_
  12. 12. Dr. Gino Yu • Pioneer in Transformative Technology His research spans Design Automation, Computer Animation, Video Games, Creativity, and Consciousness with over 60 publications. Currently, his main research interests involve the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote enlightened consciousness (meaningful media).
  13. 13. Thank you! Special thanks to Dr. Gino Yu, Sundancer and all who helped promote this event! Your donation is highly appreciated. Stay updated of future events? Leave your email address at the door. Hope to see you next time!