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Creating Classroom Websites


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My Wednesday Workshop presentation on creating classrooms websites using Smore or Wordpress.

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Creating Classroom Websites

  1. 1. Creating Classroom Websites Meredith Martin
  2. 2. Sites to Get StartedSmore - extremely simple single page website smore.comWordpress - extremely popular, easy to use, flexible wordpress.comGoogle Sites - built in to our Google Apps account,easy to set up
  3. 3. Website Creation TipsStart Simple - you can always add to it laterPlan It Out - take the time to plan out what you wanton your website rather than just adding thingsrandomlyClear Navigation - your website navigation shouldmake it easy for people to find what they are lookingfor
  4. 4. Sample Website Map
  5. 5. Websites With Smore PART ONE
  6. 6. Why Smore?Extremely simple andeasy to use.Just a few clicks and youhave an attractive webpage.Only one page - perfectfor teachers who don’tneed a lot of content.Quickly create an onlinepresence.
  7. 7. Signing Upsmore.comClick Try it NowChoose Sign Up WithoutFacebookFill in your information
  8. 8. Setting Up Your PageStart A New FlyerStart From Blank
  9. 9. Add Your Title & Subtitle
  10. 10. Add Main Content
  11. 11. Add Other Content Photos, Links, Video, & More
  12. 12. Customize Your Design
  13. 13. Final StepsOnce you have toldSmore you are finished,you are brought to apage with a few finaloptions.Edit, Preview, or PrintLink to PageFlyer Settings
  14. 14. Flyer SettingsChoose elements youwant on your page.Set privacy levels.
  15. 15. Presto! You Now Have a Webpage!
  16. 16. Websites with Wordpress PART TWO
  17. 17. Why Wordpress?Easy, hosted websiteAllows multiple pagesSimple to customizeInterface is easy tonavigateLots of design options
  18. 18. Signing UpClick Get StartedFill in your informationChoose free Basic planCheck your email foractivation link
  19. 19. Choose Your Title & Tagline You can always change these later
  20. 20. Choose a theme Many themes are customizable
  21. 21. Create your first post
  22. 22. Sample Post
  23. 23. On the Dashboard, Click My Blogs
  24. 24. Click on Blog Admin
  25. 25. Welcome to your main dashboard Manage all your settings from this page
  26. 26. Posts Vs. PagesPages are static - they are always in the same placePosts are dynamic - most recent posts will be firstPosts are most often used for bloggingFor websites, use pages for most things
  27. 27. PagesOn the menu to the left,select PAGESAll Pages shows you alist of pages alreadycreatedAdd New lets you createa new pageCopy A Page duplicatesan existing page
  28. 28. Page EditorPage Title Goes Here Page Content Goes Here
  29. 29. Page AttributesPARENT - Lets you nestpages under other pagesTEMPLATE - Somethemes have multiplepage templates tochoose fromORDER - Lets youchoose the order yourpages are listed in
  30. 30. Add Images & Other Media Upload or Choose from Media Library Once you upload an image or other media file, it is saved in your Media Library for future use
  31. 31. LinksLink to often accessedwebsitesLinks show up in your‘Blogroll’Can be organized intocategories
  32. 32. Widgets Found under the APPEARANCE menuWidgets are little extras you can add to your site.
  33. 33. Important WidgetsSome themes may nothave these as defaultwidgetsBe sure you havePages, Links, and Metavisible on your page.
  34. 34. SettingsWordpress has manydifferent settingsCustomize how your siteis viewed
  35. 35. General Settings
  36. 36. Writing Settings
  37. 37. Reading SettingsFor most sites you will want a static front page.
  38. 38. Discussion Settings
  39. 39. Your Live SiteYour Website AddressLog in here
  40. 40. Don’t ForgetEmail your site address to Jonathan to have it added to the district page!