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Self Grading Tests & Quizzes in Google Docs


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How to create self grading tests and quizzes using Google Docs (Drive)

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Self Grading Tests & Quizzes in Google Docs

  1. 1. MTEA Presents: Creating Self-Grading Tests & Quizzes Using Google Forms Presented by: Meredith Martin
  2. 2. Sign in to your email, and click on DOCUMENTS at thetop.
  3. 3. Click the red CREATE button and select FORM.
  4. 4. First, give your form a title, and a description/instructions ifyou wish.
  5. 5. Uncheck Require Mantua Township Schools Sign-In sincethe student accounts are on a different server.
  6. 6. Google gives you 2 sample questions to begin with. Youcan select the type of question on the menu.
  7. 7. EDIT DUPLICATE REMOVEYou can also edit, duplicate, or remove a question.
  8. 8. The ADD ITEM button at the top lets you create morequestions.
  9. 9. Question TypesThe following are the different types of questions you cancreate.
  10. 10. Text allows for a short text answer. You will probably wantto make all your questions required!
  11. 11. A sample Text question.
  12. 12. Paragraph text allows for longer text answers.
  13. 13. Sample Paragraph Text question.
  14. 14. Multiple Choice allows you to have students select onefrom a list of choices.
  15. 15. Sample Mutliple Choice question.
  16. 16. Checkboxes allow for multiple answers.
  17. 17. Sample Checkbox question.
  18. 18. Choose From A List creates a dropdown list of choices.
  19. 19. Sample Choose From A List question.
  20. 20. Scale questions let you create a scaled answer. You cango all the way up to 10.
  21. 21. Sample Scale question.
  22. 22. Grid questions allow you to create multiple questions witha grid of choices.
  23. 23. Sample Grid question.
  24. 24. Themes are a little wonky here at school. They work in some browsers but not in others. If you want a theme but get an error message, try opening Themes in another browser such as IE or Chrome.When your form is complete, you can choose a theme!
  25. 25. Some theme choices.
  26. 26. Theme preview. Dont forget to click APPLY to chooseyour theme.
  27. 27. Under MORE ACTIONS you can edit the messagedisplayed when students finish the quiz.
  28. 28. Create any message you like, and you can choose to showthem a summary of results when they finish.
  29. 29. At the bottom of your editing menu is the link to your liveform.
  30. 30. This will take you to your form, and the address at the topis the one to share with your students.
  31. 31. When you open your form from your Documents list, itopens in spreadsheet view.
  32. 32. Make changes to your form. Email your form to someone. View the live form. Get the code to embed your form in a website. View graphs of your results. Turn form on or off. On the FORM menu, you can choose to edit form, view liveform, see the summary, turn form on or off, and more.
  33. 33. To make your quiz self-grading, go to TOOLS and selectSCRIPT GALLERY.
  34. 34. On the Gallery, select EDUCATION, and then FLUBAROO.
  35. 35. Install the Flubaroo script.
  36. 36. You will now have FLUBAROO as an option on your menu. You can easilygrade, regrade, view report, and more from this menu.
  37. 37. IMPORTANT:Before beginning the Flubarooscript, go to your live form andcomplete it with the correct answers. This will become the template forgrading.
  38. 38. When you choose to grade, Flubaroo will walk you throughit. First, select grading options.
  39. 39. Next, select the submission you want to be your answerkey.
  40. 40. Flubaroo will then begin grading.
  41. 41. When grading is complete, you will have a new worksheetcalled GRADES.
  42. 42. GRADES will give you your results for each students,along with a summary of responses.
  43. 43. Flubaroo will also highlight any consistently low scoringquestions for you.
  44. 44. NOTES• You may need to install and run Flubaroo again if you get more responses to your quiz.• For help with Flubaroo, go to:• For more uses and resources for Google Forms, go to:• If you need help, see me!