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Mathemagic - Math Resources for Grades K-2


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Math websites and apps for grades K-2 from my webinar with

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Mathemagic - Math Resources for Grades K-2

  1. 1. Math Resources For K-2 Classrooms Meredith Martin
  2. 2. About MeK-6 Computer TeacherGoogle Certified Teacher Ed Tech Presenter Tech Junkie
  3. 3. Math Websites
  4. 4. CoolMath4Kids Games, lessons, andactivities for ages 3-12
  5. 5. Sheppard Software Games to reinforce avariety of math skills
  6. 6. Arcademic Skill Builders Sort games by grade level iPad app available
  7. 7. Internet4Classrooms Website: Search by grade level and skills Variety of activities for each skill Search by standard
  8. 8. Game Classroom Search by grade level Includes worksheets,videos, lessons, and games
  9. 9. GPB Kids Count On It - Math gamesfor a variety of grade levels Matheez - Math videos toteach skills and concepts
  10. 10. Create a Graph Easy online graph creation Variety of graphs to choosefrom Print and save your graphs
  11. 11. Hooda Math Games, videos, apps, &tutorials Search by grade level
  12. 12. Math-Aids Free worksheets for math Large variety of topics
  13. 13. SumDog Website: Free version gives access togames and activities, paidoption available to add moreoptions such as progressreports Common Core based,activities adjust to student’sabilities
  14. 14. Math Apps
  15. 15. Motion Math: Hungry Fish Fun number practice forKindergarten Practice addition skills for1st and 2nd Earn pearls to customizeyour fish
  16. 16. Mathmateer Free Variety of math games Includes activities onnumbers, telling time,, 3-D shapes, andarithmetic
  17. 17. My Math Flashcards Free flashcard app Covers addition,subtraction, multiplication,and division Customizable
  18. 18. Dot to Dot Numbers &Letters Lite Easy and fun dot-to-dotgame for practicingnumbers and letters Connect numbers in orderto create pictures Timed option available
  19. 19. Sushi Monster Highly addicting game Practice addition andmultiplication Meets common corestandards
  20. 20. Presentation Links
  21. 21. Contact me Email - Web - Blog - Twitter - @geekyteach