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Discovery Education


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Using Discovery Education in the classroom.

Published in: Education
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Discovery Education

  1. 1. Presented By: Meredith Discovery Star Educator
  2. 2. Log In... Discovery Education has a lot of great tools for teachers. While there are a lot of free resources available on the site, you can get the most out of it by signing in with your DiscoveryEd username/password. If you have not yet set up your account, you can do so using the code from the Curriculum Office. Set Up New Acct...
  3. 3. Check out all of these resources!Even if you do not have asubscription, there are tonsof great resources availablefor free. Choosing theTeacher menu will open adrop down box with all ofyour free options. You canbrowse by grade level,explore lesson plans, createpuzzles, and more!
  4. 4. Homework Help!The student menu is a greatresource for homework helpin almost any subject.Students can also visitWebMath for math specifichelp.
  5. 5. The Parent menu has aselection of resources forparents to use with theirstudents at home.
  6. 6. me PageTeacher Ho The Teacher Home Page gives you access to all of the tools and subscriptions available. From here, you can access video content, tools, blogs, webinars, and more! Dont forget to set up your profile at some point!
  7. 7. Topic se arches c narrowed an be so rted and by grade media ty level, su pe, and m bject, have fou ore. On nd the m ce you can dow edia you nload it, want, yo online, o watch it u r add it streamin to your c g folder fo ontent r easy ac cess late r. View video segments, download for later, and more! My Conten t lets you so you can save medi access it e a on. You c asily later an also set and assign up classes certain me specific c dia to lasses and The Build /or studen er Tool is one - perhaps th add media eassignmen to ts, quizzes , and more !
  8. 8. Standards SearchIn addition to searching bytopic, you can also search byCurriculum ContentStandards. You can drilldown to more detailed levelsin the standards search tofind media to fit your lessonsand standards exactly.
  9. 9. The Professional Development section has many tutorials and guides.Discovery Education has awonderful library ofprofessional developmentresources for teachers. Fromhere, you can access videotutorials, user guides, and more.You can even sign up forwebinars on a variety ofsubjects.
  10. 10. The DEN - Discovery Educator Network - isa place for teachers to network and shareideas, tools, and resources. Take some timeto explore and participate! You can evenapply to become a DEN STAR!
  11. 11. DENBlogs