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Creating Digital Books with the iPad

Creating digital books using Scribble Press and Scribble My Story on the iPad.

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Creating Digital Books with the iPad

  1. 1. Using the iPad ScribblePress Scribble My StoryPresented by: Meredith Martin
  2. 2. Go to and select TEACHERS from the menu.Scribblepress makes it easy to create and manage studentgroups. Visit the website, go to the Teachers menu, and thencreate a Group Account. Once you have your account, you cancreate groups and add students.Create a Group Account to getstarted.
  3. 3. Once you have created yourgroup account, you can thenset up as many groups asyou like. Give each group aname, be sure to set it soonly people you add can bemembers, and then add yourstudent accounts. Dontforget to save!Once a group is created, youwill see a list of membersand their details, as well asthe Group Shared Bookshelf.This will show all of the bookscreated by this group.
  4. 4. Students sign in at the top of the screen. Use the usernames and passwords created in the Once students launch group manager the app, they will log in using the accounts you created in the Group Manager. Be sure to have them log out when they are finished using the app so that their account stays private.Sign In here.
  5. 5. Scribble Press is a great sTory tellingapp for students. Its simple andeasy to use, but able to create veryimpressive projects. When you launchthe app, you can choose to create anew book or drawing, or to read one ofyour previously created books. Youcan even browse for other usercreated books.When creating a new book, ScribblePress provides a variety of templatesto get you started, or you can startfrom scratch with a blank book.
  6. 6. Creating a blank book. The user interface is very intuitive. Once you create a book, you are taken to the editor where you can create your front and back covers and add your content. There are a variety of drawing and picture tools, as well as assorted text options.
  7. 7. Select from a multitude of markers. Choose your background color.Add stickers. Use photos from your camera roll. Add speech bubbles.
  8. 8. Create a teacher account to store student work. Publish,share, or open in iBooks.
  9. 9. First step: Set up a Family account. Select Play as a Family Select a character.
  10. 10. Choose a nickname Create your account. Set up first four student accountsYou get 4 default users, but you can add more on thenext screen.
  11. 11. Main writing screen. Add markers from the wall Create a blank book or use a template Add stickers Select a background
  12. 12. Scribble My Story is Text menudesigned foryounger students -although it can beused by any age.While it is similar inmany ways toScribble Press, ithas a few uniquefeatures. Students can record themselves reading their stories and play them back!
  13. 13. Tap the thumbprint for more options Read, Edit, and Share stories. Swipeacross the top toaccess the menu to change users Shared stories are sent to teacher account via email