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Creating Classroom Websites with Google Sites


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Learn how to use Google Sites to create a classroom website quickly and easily.

Published in: Education
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Creating Classroom Websites with Google Sites

  1. 1. MTEA Presents: Creating a ClassroomWebsite Using Google Sites Creating a ClassroomWebsite Using Google Sites Meredith Martin
  2. 2. In your email, click on SITES at the top left.
  3. 3. Click CREATE to begin creating your website.
  4. 4. Give your site a name, and adjust your URL if needed.
  5. 5. Choose a theme for your site. You can always change itlater!
  6. 6. Give your site a description, and make it public.
  7. 7. EDIT PAGE CREATE MORE NEW ACTIONS PAGEIn the top right corner are your editing buttons: CreatePage, Edit Page, and More Actions.
  8. 8. Clicking on Edit Page gives you a word processor-likeinterface to edit it.
  9. 9. Use this to link to another page in your site. LINK URLUse this to linkto an external website To add a link to a website, highlight text, click LINK, andthen select WEB ADDRESS and enter the page URL.
  10. 10. Add an image to your page by going to INSERT, IMAGEand then either uploading or linking to an image.
  11. 11. NOTE: you will probably want to turn OFF comments and attachments.Under MORE ACTIONS, PAGE SETTINGS, you can selectyour preferences for comments, attachments, and more.
  12. 12. Click on NEW PAGE to create another page for your site!
  13. 13. Managing Your SiteFrom the main page of your site, click on MORE ACTIONS, and then MANAGE SITE to get to themore detailed site options. Here you can make changes to your site details, theme, colors, and more.
  14. 14. Click on GENERAL under Site Settings to change basicsettings such as name and description.
  15. 15. SHARING & PERMISSIONS lets you add authors to yoursite - you can create a joint site with your partner!
  16. 16. NOTE: This is an advanced feature, but can be very useful. Use this to give students permission to edit specific pages! Please see me if you want instruction on how to use this.PAGE LEVEL PERMISSIONS can be found in the top rightcorner of SHARING AND PERMISSIONS.
  17. 17. SITE LAYOUT lets you change the way your site isarranged.
  18. 18. COLORS AND FONTS lets you customize your theme.
  19. 19. THEMES lets you choose a different theme withoutaffecting your content.
  20. 20. Copy this and email it to Jonathan at so he can link your name in the teacher directory to your site! To find your website address, go to your home page andthe address is in the bar at the top of your browser.
  21. 21. Now go out there and make an awesome website!