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Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Kids Birthday Parties


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If you’re looking to have a party organised at home, or at the local park, and you’re looking to save money, read through our “Top 5 money saving tips for kids birthday parties”, to ensure you don’t spend a fortune on your next party!

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Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Kids Birthday Parties

  1. 1. Kids Birthdays Money Saving Tips BY WANNABEES FAMILY PLAY TOWN
  2. 2. Some parents have opted to have their CHILDREN’S PARTIES EVERY TWO YEARS, and have a day out or a family gathering for the years between. This allows them to spend more on the years where the party falls, and have a larger party experience. However, kids shouldn’t go without celebrations on their birthdays, so a day out to the zoo with a few close friends followed by dinner with families is a good alternative when it’s not the ‘party year’.
  3. 3. START PLANNING EARLY keep an eye out for lollies/things to fill the party bags or feed the kids, weeks before the date of the party. Grocery stores frequently run specials on these items, but keeping an eye out over the course of a couple of months means you’re more likely to purchase most items you need on special some time or another.
  4. 4. COMPUTER INVITES Using a computer to create your party invitations is the best way to save money on expensive invitations. It also saves printing costs as invitations can be emailed to parents, and still retain all their wonderful decorations.
  5. 5. CHOOSE A FREE OR AFFORDABLE LOCATION if you’re not willing to have dozens of children running around your house for two hours (which makes sense), you might like to choose to hire an affordable kids birthday party venue like a community hall or an Indoor Play Centre.
  6. 6. OUTSOURCE YOUR PARTY Outsourcing your party to an affordable and professional kids birthday party location takes away all the hassle of food, organisation, cleaning, and entertainment. While the average home party includes costs for all the above, a party centre such as Wannabees Family Play Town in Sydney’s offers affordable all inclusive party packages. Food, organisation, entertainment, invites, and clean-up are all included!