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Ukraine Software Tech


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Presentation by Yevgen Sysoyev at U.S. Ukraine Business Forum in Washington D.C. on 13 July 2015. Overview of Ukrainian software tech sector and its role in the global tech ecosystem

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Ukraine Software Tech

  1. 1. UKRAINIAN SOFTWARE TECH: Delivering value to global knowledge Yevgen Sysoyev Managing Partner AVentures Capital
  2. 2. Ukrainian software tech is a big thing… 1 #1 workforce of top notch software engineers within CEE Increasing number of Fortune 500 companies directly or indirectly have software development shop in Ukraine IT services exports account for ca. 40% of all exports from Ukraine to the US = #1 export item to the US Ukrainian IT accounts for ca. 3% of total GDP and employs 100,000 professionals, including 50,000 software engineers IT is the fastest growing sector in Ukraine and on track to transform the structure of the Ukrainian economy A key element emerged in Ukraine over the last decade, despite all the odds with governments, revolutions, neighboring countries, ups and downs in the economy
  3. 3. Despite all the odds, Ukraine software tech miracle is growing fast in 2014-15 2 Yes, it could. Think again. Ukraine software tech industry is booming these days and our country is increasing its role in the global knowledge economy November 2014 December 2014
  4. 4. Ukraine IT sector delivers value to fortune 500 companies and beyond… 3 IT COMPANY BASED IN UKRAINE SELECTED CLIENTS Ever growing number of Fortune 500 companies, and beyond, directly or indirectly has a software shop in Ukraine Software R&D in Ukraine as of highest world class quality and certainly very competitive compared to rest of world
  5. 5. …to US & EU largest corporations, tech companies and startups 4 IT COMPANY BASED IN UKRAINE SELECTED CLIENTS Those international players who come for R&D in Ukraine, remain long term partners and happy customers
  6. 6. While many international companies even set up R&D centers in Ukraine 5 America Europe Asia 100+ global companies has already established R&D centers in Ukraine Ukraine can still offer large pool of engineers for new R&D centers
  7. 7. Ever growing number of Ukrainian startups become successful internationally 6 VERTICAL SELECTED COMPANIES Web Mobile Enterprise Decade ago, to succeed in US market, one had to leave Ukraine. So many Ukrainians left to US, Canada, Israel where they built large tech businesses These days more and more talent stays locally while still succeeds in building global tech business, particularly targeting US market Appearance of first few Ukrainian “Unicorns” is on a horizon, I start the countdown…
  8. 8. With many of these startups generating 99% revenue globally and having HQ in USA 7 DESCRIPTION REVENUE STRUCTURE R&D OFFICE HQ AND SALES OFFICES IoT company that develops interactive pet monitor systems and mobile pet lovers community Online marketplace for digital images, the leading player in emerging markets A leading provider of software-defined storage for Hyper-V Microsoft environments 99% - global markets 1% - Ukrainian market 99% - global markets 1% - Ukrainian market 99,9% - global markets 0,1% - Ukrainian market 25 1 250 56 4 20 6 I’m personally proud to be part of these success stories out of Ukraine Online, enterprise, consumer, mobile, IoT, payment, SaaS – all kinds of international software tech companies emerge from Ukraine
  9. 9. Fast developing sector across all dimensions 8 Increasing number of R&D centers in Ukraine Increased delivering of world class software globally 2,000+ startups = Increased internationally success Continued VC investment activity and international M&A activity 2X increase for MCap of EPAM and Luxoft (R&D in Ukraine) Tech sector is accelerating the transformation of Ukraine
  10. 10. Strong interest from strategic investors & venture capital funds to companies with R&D in Ukraine 9 Acquired in 2012 Acquired Acquired Invested $100m Raised follow on capital
  11. 11. X2 stock growth of international companies with software shops in Ukraine 10 EPAM +168,50% LXFT +182,50% S&P500 +32,03% Change of stock price since July 5, 2013: +169% +183% +32%
  12. 12. IT sector transforming Ukrainian economy 11 IT services export ranking IT services export ranking 2014F 2025E 2014F 2025E #1 #1 #7 #1-2 Share of IT in Ukrainian exports to the US stood at 40% in 2014 IT services is #1 export item to the US and will remain so in 2025 Share of IT in total Ukrainian exports was ca 4% in 2014, while it was close to zero a decade ago By 2025 IT services might become #1-2 export item in the total export structure of Ukraine
  13. 13. …and already is part of global tech value chain 12 #1 in CEE by # of developers and $ volume #1 size of working population in CEE TOP 7 country with the most engineering graduates TOP 3 by earnings of freelancers at eLance-Odesk platform Thanks to the strong technical education, Ukraine has superior human capital. Its workforce of 100,000 IT professionals is world class and fast growing Ukrainian IT sector is playing an increasingly important role on in a global knowledge economy
  14. 14. Achieving so much more…together! 13 Develop social, culture and economic ties among our countries Increase cooperation within global tech development value chain Jointly pursue next generations R&D for emerging technologies Unleash our common tech companies to compete globally Leverage our advantages to transform growth and wealth
  15. 15. Who are those 50,000 software engineers? 14 What do they do in IT? 60% Which city are they based in? 30% 4% 3% Outsourcing Freelance Product Startup Roles Manager Developer Q&A 14% 55% 11% 11% 44% 15% 8% 8% Lviv Kyiv Kharkiv Dnipropetrovsk Odessa Which gender are they? 14% 86% They have high education and speak 3-4 foreign languages, interact with the outside world every day and help to build “new Ukraine” and its knowledge economy With average age of less than 30 years and x5-10 higher salaries than its peers, they form Western minded middle class who is putting pressure for reforms
  16. 16. Intro: being a global Ukrainian is a network of global Ukrainian doing tech business. There are many people like myself 15 Born in Soviet Union Family moved to Egypt Returned to Ukraine after Soviet Union collapse Spent summers in Russia Wrote first software: game Tetris Quit banking career & move to Singapore Career as a banker Felt in love with finance Moved to Germany to study math & write software Felt in love with math MBA at INSEAD business school Ukraine startups going global First early stage VC fund in Ukraine VC in Ukraine AGE
  17. 17. Contacts Yevgen Sysoyev Managing Partner AVentures Capital @YevgenSysoyev