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Intelligence ToolsMarket IntelligenceKey Features and FunctionalitiesDynamic Filtering of Competitive Data:Set up advanced...
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Yesmail Market Intelligence


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Yesmail Market Intelligence, a competitive insights platform, monitors and analyzes marketing campaigns across eight digital channels: email, display ad networks, web, Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+.

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Yesmail Market Intelligence

  1. 1. Intelligence Tools Market Intelligence One Platform: Eight Digital Channels, Eight Times the Intelligence. Key Benefits: Staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing digital environment is tough even for the savviest marketer. With the ∞ Real-time monitoring of growth of digital marketing as a revenue generator, the steep marketing campaign competition for customers’ attention, and diminishing time and deployments across email, resources, marketers are in dire need of a multi-functional tool social, display and web that provides insight into digital trends, competitors’ strategies channels and campaign performance. ∞ Ability to analyze digital Enters Yesmail Market Intelligence. The tool collects, stores, and analyzes campaign data from eight digital channels: email, marketing campaigns and display, web, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and develop marketing Google+ and provides a growing opportunity for marketers to strategy based on outperform their competition across all major digital channels. competitive insights Customization that Highlights Relevant Data ∞ Campaign performance Yesmail Market Intelligence enables users to track and drill into analytics segmented by digital campaigns by customizing their data feed based on marketer, vertical, variables such as keywords, date range, engagement score, channel, campaign type, deployment channel, and more. This functionality allows performance, key word marketers to focus only on competitive data that is most relevant and many more to their current or future marketing strategies and adjust them accordingly. ∞ Customizable data feeds that enable marketers to Engagement that Measures Performance monitor only a relevant Yesmail Market Intelligence provides comprehensive portion of campaigns engagement metrics for each channel that can help marketers: • Assess email performance based on detailed inboxing, Tracked Channels: bulking, and open rates • Identify most engaging type of content for social campaigns • Determine most effective placements for display ads • Find out what offers and promotions are featured on competitors’ websites and develop counter initiatives Insights that Drive Strategy Yesmail Market Intelligence enables marketers to identify successful campaign themes and offers from top-performing competitors, track historic campaign performance, measure daily growth of competitors’ social following and much more. Those metrics can play an integral role in the development of new email, social, web, and display strategies, successfully adopted by competitors and meticulously tracked and measured by Yesmail Market Intelligence users.Yesmail Interactive • Powering Intelligent Interactions 1.877.937.6245 | |
  2. 2. Intelligence ToolsMarket IntelligenceKey Features and FunctionalitiesDynamic Filtering of Competitive Data:Set up advanced keyword, channel, date range, and engagement filters in order to track performance of relevantcampaign types and adjust strategy accordingly. This functionality helps marketers identify tactics that havebeen successfully applied by competitors and integrate the best-of-breed ones into their own strategy.Comprehensive Campaign and Performance Metrics by Channel:Social: Yesmail Market Intelligence collects campaign data for all major social channels and providesengagement metrics based on consumer interactions with each campaign as well as subscriber growth dataover a specified timeframe.Display Ads: This channel spans 93,000 Google AdSense sites and delivers performance metrics includingnumber of views, historic ad performance, ad creative, and links to the offer’s landing page. This informationallows marketers to gain full visibility into the types of users their competitors are targeting and gauge thesuccess of their ad campaigns based on the number of ad views. Website Snapshots: A dynamic feed of screen captures of each competitor’s main page provides insights intofeatured products, promotions and offers competitors are using to drive sales. A snapshot of a page is takenevery time the content changes by 20% or more. Email: In addition to sending address and domain, date received, and subject line, Yesmail Market Intelligenceprovides in-depth engagement data for each email campaign including deliverability results, overall campaignperformance, open rate, delete after open rate, and delete without open rate.Competitive Overview DashboardGet a real-time overview of the type and number of campaigns deployed by each marketer in your network byday, week and month. View the percentage of campaigns pushed through each digital channel and identify yourcompetitions deployment strategies, such as preferred deployment channel, time of day, day of the week andcampaign frequency.Comprehensive Data Exports:Export all campaign data in a PDF and CSV formats for further analysis or for presentation purposes. All creativecontent can be exported in a graphic-rich PDF format so that users can easily compare and contrast competitors’campaign design, calls to action, and promotions. 1.877.937.6245 | |