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Digital channel analysis a 2011 holiday season recap


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Yesmail Strategic Services presents insights into effective digital marketing strategies used during the 2011 holiday season.

In this presentation, we will provide analysis and insights from 100 randomly selected, top 500 online internet retailers based on the key holiday spending periods.

You will learn:
2011 Holiday eCommerce Recap - consumer behavior, marketing themes and revenue results throughout the Holiday Season

How marketers integrated and used email and social channels

Specific activity & themes during key time periods, including: most popular days/time to deploy by channel and most popular promotions

Predictions for 2012 digital holiday marketing trends

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Digital channel analysis a 2011 holiday season recap

  1. 1. Digital Channel Analysis:A 2011 Holiday Season Recap Yesmail Strategic Services 1
  2. 2. Digital Channel Analysis: A 2011 Holiday Season Recap Your Presenters Kristin Kleweno Sr. Strategist Interactive Direct Response Channels Directly involved with helping clients with Engagement Strategies. Always on the look out for innovative and profitable ways for marketers to engage with their email subscribers and social followers. Jason Warnock VP Market Intelligence and Measurement Leads the Yesmail Deliverability Organization and Yesmail Marketing Intelligence. Ask questions! Use GotoMeeting interface or use twitter hashtag #yesmail Yesmail Blog | Email Marketing Lounge 2
  3. 3. Digital Channel Analysis: A 2011 Holiday Season RecapAgenda• 2011 Holiday Season Industry Recap• Analysis Approach• Findings & Insights of Overall Holiday Email and Social Marketing Trends• Marketing Themes of Key Holiday Spending Periods – Snapshot #1 - Holiday Kickoff Nov 1 - Nov 17 – Snapshot #2 - Black Friday/Cyber Monday Nov 18 - Dec 2 – Snapshot #3 - Last Minute & Free Shipping Day Dec 3 – Dec 20 – Holiday Wrap-up - 2011 Holiday Wrap-up Nov 1 – Jan 6• Predictions for 2012 Holiday Season 3
  4. 4. 2011 Holiday Recap – eCommerce Growth2011 Holiday Season exceeded expectations with a 15% ecommerce growth rate – Retail e-commerce spending for the entire Nov – Dec 2011 holiday season reached $37.2 billion, marking a 15-percent increase versus last year and an all-time record for the season. Ten individual shopping days this season surpassed $1 billion in spending. Sources: comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, Jan 4 Press Release 4
  5. 5. 2011 Holiday Recap – eCommerce Growth Black Friday and Cyber Monday make history! Cyber Monday reached $1.25 billion in online spending this year, rising 22% from 2010 and representing the heaviest online spending day in history, and just the second day on record to surpass the billion-dollar threshold (November 2011 research from comScore) 5
  6. 6. 2011 Holiday Recap – eCommerce GrowthHoliday Sales Growth in 2011 | Factors• Definitely More Online buyers! • 28% of consumers reported shopping online compared to 21% last year• But are they buying more or just shifting to online from retail stores… • Average online spending per buyer rose 9% ($114 to $125) - comScore • NPD Group states consumers spent $187.83 on average, compared to last year’s $276.71. They attribute this solely to increase in number of online buyers Key Industry Mobile Stats Key Industry Social Stats Traffic: The number of consumers who While not heavy in driving direct used a mobile device to visit a revenue. Influencing purchase and retailers site is 12.43 percent brand engagement is high Shopping: The number of consumers who used their mobile device to make a Facebook led the pack, accounting for purchase is at 7.37 percent. 86% of all social media traffic Mobile Devices: iPhone continues to lead all mobile device traffic at 6.58 percent, followed by Android at 5.2 percent and iPad at 4.71 percent Sources: IBM Smarter Commerce 6
  7. 7. 2011 Holiday Recap – Digital Marketing Efforts This Holiday Season Marketers put their efforts in…Giving customers Investing in lifecycle & Starting Earlier and Integrating Multiple what they want behavioral-based Increasing Frequency Channels CampaignsAggressive and a large Optimized sign-up Increased frequency In-store – emailing receipts;variety of offers welcome and (if possible) sign-up for mobile or email activation campaigns (promos, info, alerts)Free shipping Multi-message Retargeted browsers “countdown” type Website – optimizing sign-upValue --- Gift Guides, and basket campaignspersonalized product abandoners Email / mobile alerts – eg.recommendations & Rallied around critical when their order is ready fordeals Behavioral targeted buying dates (Cyber in-store pickup email Monday, LastEasy access to product Shipping Day, etc.) Social – special offers, causes,information/reviews retarget social users with email Mobile & Touch Pad trends – mobile friendly format & content 7
  8. 8. The Holiday 2011 Recap - Word CloudKey Word Counts within Top 100 Retailers email subject lines (Nov 1 – Jan 4)And in case you ANY doubt what the key email promotion was in 2011…Size of word representsfrequency of use in subjectlines (powered by 8
  9. 9. Analysis ApproachTop Retailers Digital Marketing Efforts during the 2011 Holiday Season 9
  10. 10. Analysis Approach: Tracked the Top Retailers Tracking and Analyzing key industry trends and multi-channel efforts up to and through the 2011 Holiday Season • 100 Retailers Randomly selected from the Top 500 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 list ( Sample of Retailers The Top 500 by ranks business-to-consumer retailers in the U.S. and Canada, based on online sales, including retail chains, catalogers, web-only merchants, brand manufacturers and digital content sellers. 10
  11. 11. Analysis Approach: Tracked over Key HolidaySpending Periods Thanksgiving Black Cyber Green Free Christmas New Years Post Holiday Day Friday Monday Monday Shipping Day (Sun, Dec 25th) (Sun, Jan 1st) Fallout (Nov 24th) (Nov 25th) (Nov 28th) (Dec 12th) (Dec 16th) (Jan 16th) Reporting on Top 100 Retailer Efforts over Four Key Holiday Spending Periods #1 #2 #3 #4 Holiday Kickoff Black Fri / Cyber Mon Green Monday / 2011 Holiday (Nov 1 – Nov 17) (Nov 18 – Dec 2) Free Shipping Day Wrap-up (Dec 3 – Dec 20) (Dec 21 – Jan 6) Prep time! What Escalating marketers are marketing efforts Last minute Final push and doing to prep for to support in store marketing efforts fall-out on the upcoming & online sales to support in store Holiday marketing holidays & online sales activity 11
  12. 12. Analysis Approach: Tracked Multi-Channel EffortsSo, here’s what we tracked…. Multi- Email Social Channel How marketers integrated and How marketers How marketers leveraged Facebook, used email and applied the email Twitter and YouTube social channels channel ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ % using email and Facebook fan base, Campaign Volume growth and volume social of postings and Most Frequent Days engagement On average per week/day: Email Campaign Twitter followers, - emails Strategies & Promos growth and volume - tweets - facebook postings of tweets/retweeks Key Findings Example Integrated Youtube Subscriber Campaigns base, Postings/Views Key Findings Key Findings 12
  13. 13. Analysis Approach: Research Tool YMMIYesmail Market Intelligence (YMMI) combines social, mobile, and email monitoring topower market, competitive, and digital content intelligence from a centralized, easy to useconsole• Detailed analytics by marketer, by campaign, by vertical, and by channel• Searchable and rapidly growing database of over 1,000,000 campaigns• Insights and analytics across entire marketing verticals and digital distribution channels 13
  14. 14. Analysis Approach: YMMI - Key Features & Capabilities• Marketer Profiles: – Creative Gallery: Browse, view, track, and export creative content – Marketing Calendar: Browse and access digital campaign deployments – Reporting / Analytics: Multiple reports including deployment and engagement analytics – Campaign Feed: Access and review recent channel deployments• Marketer Tools: – Build a Library of marketing campaigns across channel – Setup marketer keyword alerts – Compare marketers and review engagement and digital channel ranks 14
  15. 15. Findings & Insights of Overall Holiday Email and Social Marketing Trends 15
  16. 16. Holiday 2011 – Channel UsageAlmost All 100 Retailers were set up for all 4 channels but leveraged at different levels throughout the 2001 Holiday Season email twitter 96% had at least 1 marketing email 94% had at least 1 tweet deployment* facebook YouTube Channel 97% had at least 1 facebook post 66% had at least 1 Youtube posting Insights: While we expected these percentages to be super high for top retailers, the data shows that almost ALL of the top 100 retailers were actively leveraging facebook, twitter, email and Youtube to market during the Holiday spending season. *Note: campaigns tracked are those to an opt-in subscriber who is active in email (open, click); does not include any transactional, lifecycle or behavioral messaging 16
  17. 17. Holiday 2011 – Marketing Noise TrendTOTAL Deployments sent/posted by day by channel (across all 100 retailers) Cyber 1000 Monday Green Monday & Black Free Shipping Day 900 Friday 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Email Facebook Twitter Youtube All Insights: Timeframe Nov 1 to Jan 6 | Keep in mind this holiday timeframe experiences much more marketing deployments than the rest of the year. Heavier Marketing Around Key Dates | Increase in marketing activity around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with efforts ramping back up mid-December. Marketing matches key buying periods and associated gain in revenue. Dips continually occur Saturday & Sunday | Mostly skewed by social deployments and opportunity for targeted social campaigns over weekends Rank of channels based on deployments: (1) Twitter, (2) Facebook, (3) Email, (4) Youtube 17
  18. 18. Holiday 2011- Averages by CompanyAVERAGE Deployment sent/posted by day by channel Cyber Green Monday & 6.00 Black Monday Free Shipping Day Friday 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 Email Facebook Twitter YoutubeInsights:This charts shows average number of campaigns sent per company per channel.On average, for every one email message deployed, there were 2.7 facebook posts & 6.5 twitter tweets/retweetsOn average retailers sent 1 email on Cyber Monday (max sent was 3) 18
  19. 19. Holiday 2011 – Averages by ChannelAVERAGE deployments per week by channel #1 #2 #3 #4 Holiday 35.0 Kickoff Black Friday / Green Monday / 2011 Holiday Cyber Monday Free Shipping Day Wrap-up 30.0 28.6 25.0 23.8 21.7 20.5 20.0 15.0 10.6 10.2 9.6 10.0 8.6 4.2 4.0 4.1 5.0 3.0 3.5 3.2 3.4 3.0 0.0 Nov 1 - Nov 17 Nov 18 - Dec 2 Dec 3 - Dec 20 Dec 21 - Jan 6 Email Facebook Twitter Youtube Email deployment remains relatively steady with a average high of a little over 4 per week during key spending periods #1 and #2. Facebook follows suite with a slight increase of over 10 posts per week. Twitter has the most range with a significant spike during Black Friday / Cyber Monday period. *Note: campaigns tracked are those to an opt-in subscriber who is active in email (open, click); does not include transactional, lifecycle or behavioral messaging 19
  20. 20. Holiday 2011 – Preferred Days of the Week for Top 100Favorite Deployment Day of the Week by Channel 4.50 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Email Facebook Twitter Youtube Insights: Saturday and Sunday lowest deployment days for ALL channels (opportunity for more weekend campaigns) Facebook and Twitter peak on Friday, while email had slightly more action on Monday and Youtube on Tuesday Social deployments are in line with the marketers work week days; thus the steady stream Monday through Friday and significant drop on weekends. Also consider the belief that more consumers are on the internet during the week than the weekend. Mondays and Fridays received slight bump due to heavy volume on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 20
  21. 21. Holiday 2011 – Social Fan Bases of the Top 100Fan/Audience Base Average Size & Growth over Holiday Season(Nov 1 – Jan 6) Average Fan Base = 1,534,572 Growth Rate from Nov 1 = 7% Average Follower Base = 81,519 Growth Rate from Nov 1 = 9% Average Subscriber Base = 6,632 Growth Rate from Nov 1 = 13% Insights: - Social channels still relatively young and on-going growth is expected - Relative to facebook, twitter and YouTube have significantly smaller bases - Wild ranges in growth across the retailers but even the big ones (like Target) are still growing and putting marketing efforts behind the growth 21
  22. 22. Holiday 2011 – Social Stats of the Top 100Facebook – Size, Growth Rate, Posts over Holiday Period Biggest as of Jan 4 Holiday Fast Facts & Insights Size & Growth Rate Average facebook fan base for Top 100 Retailers is 1.53M More than half grew their fan bases by 7% or more over the holiday period … and who grew the most HUGE range in fan count for Top 100 Retailers: Disney highest at 30.2M; US Nov 1 to Jan 4 (net growth) Auto Parts lowest at 361 Largest growth rate was Wayfair at 524% (from 4k - 23k), next was Nutrisystem at 127% growth Posts Average # of posts per week for Top 100 Retailers = 9.76 per week Who’s posted the most Deployment relatively steady throughout Holiday Period with slight increase in deployments around Cyber Monday 22
  23. 23. Holiday 2011 – Social Fan Bases of the Top 100Facebook Posts - Who is gets the most “likes” and comments? Holiday Fast Facts & Insights “Likes” “Comments” Average Number of Likes per Campaign = 516 Average Number of Comments per Campaign = 83 Most Likes for a specific campaign was Disney Most Comments for a specific Campaign was Walgreens with 69,182 with 33,790 Top Likes Top Comments Disney 11-02 “This is my family. I found it, all on Walgreens 12-13 Lets see who can get the last comment on my own.” - Stitch this status update. We just might surprise you with something...hint hint... Macys 12-03 "Like" this if you believe in Santa! Lowes 12-10 It appears that we managed to step into a hotly Disney 01-06 Be Happy. contested debate with strong views – social, political and otherwise – and we’ve managed to make some people very Disney 12-24 Wishing you a heartwarming holiday unhappy. We are sincerely sorry….. season. Disney 12-28 Finish the lyric: When you ____ upon a star, Walmart 11-05 It’s National Peanut Butter makes no difference who you are. Lover’s Month. Like this if you love Peanut Butter. Walmart 12-20 Fill in the blank: Dear Santa. Ive been extra good this year. Can you please put _____under the tree? Target 11-02 The best thing about fall is__________. 23
  24. 24. Holiday 2011 – Social Fan Bases of the Top 100Twitter Follower Bases – Size and Growth Rate Biggest as of Jan 4 Holiday Fast Facts & Insights Size and Growth Rate Average Twitter Followers Base for Top 100 Retailers is 82k More than half of the Top 100 Retailers grew their Twitter Follower bases by … and who grew the most 7% or more Nov 1 to Jan 4 (net growth) Huge range in Twitter Followers: Dell highest at 1.6M; Avon lowest at 183 Largest growth rate in Twitter Subscriber base was Abercrombie & Fitch at 72% (from 65k - 112k), Next was at 67% growth, 3rd highest was Target at 50% growth Who’s posting the most On top of growing the most, Target also had the 3rd highest growth RATE for the period Tweets Average # of tweets per week for Top 100 Retailers = 20.05 per week Deployment relatively steady throughout Holiday Period with heavy increase in deployments around Cyber Monday 24
  25. 25. Holiday 2011 – Social Fan Bases of the Top 100Twitter – Who got the most “retweets” Holiday Fast Facts & Insights Retweets: Sample Companies who Average Number of retweets per campaign = 5 consistently generated over 100 retweets per campaign Sample Top Tweets that were “retweeted” Abercrombie & Fitch 12-10 RT if youre hitting all the Christmas parties wearing something from A&F! #WhatAreYouWearing? Amazon 11-01 Deal of the Day: $28.99 - Arrested Development: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-3) CVS 11-04 Throughout the day we’ll be tweeting flu facts & tips to help you stay healthy. RT & use #YouvsFlu for a chance to win a $25 #CVS gift card Target 12-09 Need a new sweater or baking supplies? Here’s some holiday cheer: Spend $50 and get a $10 Target GiftCard. Recreational Equipment Inc 11-08 We are looking for a new Manager of our Direct Marketing Programs! Direct Mail, Email, & SMS - Retweet this! 25
  26. 26. Holiday 2011 – Social Stats of the Top 100YouTube – Size, Growth Rate, Posts over Holiday Period Biggest base as of Jan 4 Holiday Fast Facts & Insights 66% of the 100 analyzed had posted videos during the holiday season Size and Growth Rate … and who grew the most Average YouTube subscriber base for Top 100 Retailers is 6,632 Nov 1 to Jan 4 (net growth) More than half grew their fan bases by 7% or more over the holiday period Apple grew 32% over the period. Highest for the larger YouTube subscriber base retailers Video Postings HSN clearly outposts all others (10x) due to posts of TV product segments Who’s posting the most 26
  27. 27. Holiday 2011 – Social Fan Bases of the Top 100YouTube Posts - Who is gets the most views and comments? Holiday Fast Facts & Insights Views Comments YouTube Average Number of Views per Campaign = 5,464 Average Number of Comments per Campaign = 9 Foot Locker had 5 of 10 highest number of views related to a Most comments per campaign was Newegg with Post from 11/1 - 1/4 7,423 with free TV give-away. Newegg also had 2nd most commented video….also with a giveaway. Top Views Newegg had 7 of 10 highest number of comments from 11/1 - 1/4 Apple 12-18 (2,737,664) Siri can help anyone get through a busy day... Or night. Top Comments Foot Locker 11-18 (1,082,988) Dwight Howard, Eric Gordon, Jrue Newegg (7,423) We are overjoyed -- 50,000 Holiday and Big Sean help prove the difference between nothing subscribers! To celebrate this momentous occasion and everything is 9.8 ounces. Because the difference is the (which, by our calculations, should happen shortly after adiZero Crazy Light, the lightest ever. this video goes live), we are having our biggest Newegg TV giveaway ever…. Foot Locker 11-24 (615,224) Turn your sneaker dreams into reality with the adidas sneaker factory, launching the Hard Court Macys (605) On his way to Macys Black Friday Sale, Hi II from adidas Originals exclusively at Foot Locker. Justin Bieber encounters a bunch of unexpected, screaming fans. Pick up Justins Someday Gift Set while supplies last, and Macys will donate $2 to The Make-a- Wish Foundation®, up to $100,000. 27
  28. 28. 2011 Holiday Overall Findings - SummaryOverall Findings for Holiday 2011 (Nov 1 – Jan 6)• Overall Marketing volume in line with eCommerce results to drive record breaking season, particularly on Cyber Monday and Black Friday and ramping back up mid- December• Multi-channel at work with Social Postings Highest • For every one email message deployed, there were 2.7 facebook posts & 6.5 twitter tweets/retweets • Email primarily used for promotions • Social Channels used primarily engagement (with a sprinkle of promotions)• Lighter Weekends | Overall significant dip in deployment across social channels on weekends, less significant for email• Social fans bases Continue to Grow (up to 13%) and Fans are Engaging 28
  29. 29. Holiday 2011 Main Themes Pre-Holiday Thanksgiving Black Cyber Green Free Christmas Post Holiday Season Day Friday Monday Monday Shipping Day (Sun, Dec 25th) Fallout (Starting Oct 1 ) (Nov 24th) (Nov 25th) (Nov 28th) (Dec 12th) (Dec 16th) (Jan 6th) Holiday Black Friday and Green Monday and 2011 Holiday Kickoff Cyber Mon Free Shipping Day Wrap-upList Build UpCross Channel PromotionsFree shippingGift GuidesBlack Friday SalesCyber Monday SalesLimited Time Offers(Flash Sales)CountdownsLast chance to ShipPick up at storeeCardsHappy HolidaysEnd of Year Sales 29
  30. 30. Holiday Snapshot #1 Holiday Kickoff (Nov 1 through Nov 17) 30
  31. 31. Holiday Snapshot #1 – Holiday Kickoff! Key Themes Observed in Marketing Efforts Holiday Kickoff Key Themes (Nov 1 – Nov 17) • Starting earlier #1 • Building up lists • Free shippingHoliday Kickoff • Gift Guides Hit hard (Nov 1 – Nov 17) • Cross promoting channels (social, mobile email)Prep time! Whatmarketers are • Big ascent beginning | Overall ascent of Holiday marketing efforts on adoing to prep for slight rise with expectation to increase as holidays begin.the upcomingholidays • Key Dates Promoted | Driving to Black Friday Sales during this time dominates over the drive to Cyber Monday 31
  32. 32. Holiday Snapshot #1 – Starting Early Surprise! Its a Cyber Monday in 11/14 Black Friday: Get Early Deals September (and a cyber sale all week). 32
  33. 33. Holiday Snapshot #1 – Cross Channel Promotion Follow our tweets to get the deets. Save 20% when you Like us on Facebook! 33
  34. 34. Holiday Snapshot #1 - The Gift Guide Craze What are the Best Gifts for Our Must-Gift Lists... Everyone on your List? Our Favorite Gifts 34
  35. 35. Holiday Snapshot #1 - Free Shipping Kristin Kleweno: Pssst! Free Shipping on great gifts. A Gift For You. A Gift For Them. Introducing Our Holiday Gift Guide, Save 30% + FREE Shipping Every Day 35
  36. 36. Holiday Snapshot #1 – Promoting YouTube Facebook Post Promoting YouTube 36
  37. 37. Holiday Snapshot #1 – Promoting Mobile via Facebookand Twitter Facebook: Nov 8th Twitter: Nov 8th SMS: Nov 8th TARGET: Mobile Coupon. Save on this season’s hottest toys at =G46X986-BL8FLDC- 172V3 Msg&data rates may apply1 37
  38. 38. Holiday Snapshot #2Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Nov 18 through Dec 2) 38
  39. 39. Holiday Snapshot #2 – Black Friday / Cyber Monday Key Themes Observed in Marketing Efforts Findings for Nov 18 – Dec 2 • Retailers taking early and late advantage of Black Friday and Cyber #2 Monday BuzzBlack Fri / Cyber Mon (Nov 18 – Dec 2) • Drive to Stores AND Online – traditionally focus was more on store traffic • “Why wait?” was a major message during the early part of the week, with many Escalating retailers offering up “Pre-Black Friday” deals, Thanksgiving Day deals, and releasing marketing efforts their Black Friday deals early to support in store • “Final hours” and “Last chance” emails. Retailers injected more relevance into & online sales these reminder emails by promoting new deals or products had been added to their sale • “But wait... It’s STILL going on!” Extension of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales (It’s Cyber WEEK!”) • Using multi-message/count-downs to increase frequency • Free shipping continues to be critical promotion on top of heavy discounts • Early email / Later Social | Overall favorite deployment time of day is morning for email and afternoon for social (also true for Black and Cyber Monday) 39
  40. 40. Holiday Snapshot #2 – Black Friday drive to StoresAND Online 11/27: Plan Your Black Friday Store Trip & Save on Pre-Black Friday Specials With Free Shipping 11/27: Friday only: the special one-day Apple shopping event. 40
  41. 41. Holiday Snapshot #2 – Retailers taking early and late advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Buzz 11/20: Cyber Monday Comes Early: 35% off three brands 11/27: Yay, Cyber Sale & online-only Weekly Ad deals. 41
  42. 42. Holiday Snapshot #2 – Countdowns 11/20: Bundle up with 40% OFF 11/29: Ends Today! Cyber Monday Savings! 11/23: Tick Tock...Its Time to Save $20! 42
  43. 43. Holiday Snapshot #2 - Free Shipping Continues 11/27: Free Shipping & Free Returns: It’s Our Standard, Every Day 43
  44. 44. Holiday Snapshot #2 – And One that Stood Out(it’s not all about selling…) 11/28: Dont buy this jacket 44
  45. 45. Holiday Snapshot #3December Marketing Efforts & Free Shipping Day Recap (Dec 3 through Dec 20) 45
  46. 46. Holiday Snapshot #3 - Summary Key Themes Observed in Marketing Efforts Findings for Dec 2 – Dec 20 #3 • Retailers continue to offer multi-message multi-channel campaigns around key shopping needs late into the holiday season Green Monday /Free Shipping Day • Last Day to Ship Messages & Banners - offering free or discounted express (Dec 3 – Dec 20) shipping Last minute • In Store pick-up - directing subscribers to their stores to shop or for in store pick- marketing efforts up to support in store • Flash Sales – exclusive short timed sales & online sales • Free Shipping and Free Shipping Day! Continues to be the go-to primary promotion • Starting the Gift ecards push for procrastinators 46
  47. 47. Holiday Snapshot #3 – Final Free Shipping Notices 12/18 HURRY! Free Holiday Delivery + 20% off 12/19: Free Shipping* ends tomorrow. Shop our top-rated gifts. 12/20: Less than 24 hours left for free shipping* and guaranteed Christmas delivery.12/18 Hurry, Last Day for Ground Shipping by December 23 47
  48. 48. Holiday Snapshot #3 – Final Free Shipping Notices 12/18 Dont forget: 30% OFF every purchase, in stores & online (PLUS, FREE SHIPPING) 48
  49. 49. Holiday Snapshot #3 – Last Chance Messages 12/19: You Choose The Gifts. Well Get Them There On Time. 12/19 It’s not too late. 49
  50. 50. Holiday Snapshot #3 – Limited Time Sales 12/8 3 days only: The Almost Last Minute Sale is on! 12/22 Tonight only: Midnight Sale 12/7 Preview Your Target 3-Day Sale Savings. 12/7 WEDNESDAY ONLY: Free Pearl Earrings with a Pearl Necklace Purchase 50
  51. 51. Holiday Snapshot #4 Post Holiday (Dec 21 through Jan 6) 51
  52. 52. Holiday Snapshot #4 - Dec 21st through Jan 6thKey Themes Observed in Marketing Efforts• Retailers scale back, say “Happy Holidays” and then dive into Year End Sales • eCards • In Store Pick up • Happy Holidays Messaging • Year End Sales 52
  53. 53. Holiday Snapshot #4 – eGift Cards12/22: Use Rush Shipping to get your order 12/24: Its not too late. An eGiftcard 12/21: A Barneys New York Gift Cardin time! Plus send an eGift Card instantly lets you give style in seconds! Works Wonders 53
  54. 54. Holiday Snapshot #4 – In Store Pickup 12/23 Youve Still Got Time: Buy Online, Pick Up in Store! 12/22 Still Need Gifts by Christmas? Weve Got You Covered. Learn More… 54
  55. 55. Holiday Snapshot #4 – Happy Holidays Cards 12/25: Happy Holidays (and something 12/24: A special thank-you... special for you) 55
  56. 56. Holiday Snapshot #4 – Post Holiday Sales 1/5: New Reductions On Sale Styles + Take An EXTRA 40% Off Everything! 56
  57. 57. Predictions for 2012 Digital Holiday MarketingWhat to Watch & Prep for the 2012 Holiday Season• Continued Growth of eCommerce as a whole and certainly for the upcoming Holiday Season – Per Forrester - Search, display, email, mobile and social channels will represent 35% of all advertising investment by 2016 (from 19% in 2011)• More Channel Integration as Marketers Understand Mobile and Social ROI and Consumer Behavior – Email will remain strong, become more relevant and integrated with social and mobile efforts – Buying on mobile devices will continue to rise with growth of tables & smart phones• Data will drive more relevant communications across all channels• Holiday 2012 Season will start even earlier… so get planning  57
  58. 58. Thank you, Thank you, Thank youQuestions?• Please contact us for additional information or a YMMI Demo – 1-877-yesmail or 58
  59. 59. Appendix 59
  60. 60. Top 100 Retailers included in Analysis The Top 500 ranks business-to-consumer retailers in the U.S. and Canada, based on online sales, including retail chains, catalogers, web-only merchants, brand manufacturers and digital content sellers. 60