Building a Marketing Blueprint for Success


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Today’s empowered B2B buyers traffic in information and ideas, not products and solutions. Putting them at the center of your marketing efforts means building a deep understanding of their needs and providing them with the information they are looking for. It means being able to speak their language. And it means providing a consistent experience from first touch to final deal with integration between marketing and sales at every level.
In short, it requires a new marketing blueprint. In this presentation, Yesler CMO Tyson Roberts covers the 6 essentials to laying a foundation for B2B marketing success. These slides are from a webinar, which is available on-demand at: now.

About Yesler:
Yesler is a B2B marketing agency that helps technology companies deliver predictable revenues, sustainable growth, and measurable results. A Projectline agency, Yesler is built on more than a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest and most innovative B2B technology companies.

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Building a Marketing Blueprint for Success

  1. 1. | #yb2bblueprintA framework for accelerating the natural purchase process
  2. 2. | #yb2bblueprintINTRODUCTION2Yesler is a B2B marketing agency that helps technologycompanies deliver predictable revenues, sustainable growth,and measurable results.We apply an end-to-end integrated framework of services thataligns marketing and sales. We make your marketing relevantand accountable – to your buyers, to your sales team, and tothe bottom line.
  3. 3. | #yb2bblueprint 3WHAtWE’LLCHAtaBOUT
  4. 4. | #yb2bblueprintWhyYou NEEdA BLUEPRINT
  5. 5. | #yb2bblueprint• Buyers are fearful andunder ROI scrutiny• They’re seeking safety innumbers• Prone to research andaverse to being sold• Product marketing anddirect selling are suffering• Longer buying cyclesSo,what’sdifferent?“Industry research indicates that buyersare two-thirds of the way through theirpurchase process before they even engagewith a salesperson.”-Forrester Research, Inc.October 2011
  6. 6. | #yb2bblueprintENGAGING THEEMPOWEREDBUYERYou have to earn theopportunity to sell.• Sales conversations are goingto demonstrated experts• REAL content is the dominantevidence of expertiseBut, it’s worth it.• The currency of competitionis no longer budget, it’s ideas• REAL content differentiates,scales, and supportsconsensus buyingAn average of 9 informational assets aredownloaded during the purchase process.-IDG Customer Engagement Study, 2012
  7. 7. | #yb2bblueprint 7THENEWROLEOFMARKETING
  8. 8. | #yb2bblueprint
  9. 9. | #yb2bblueprint• Buyer Research• Market Research• Content Strategy• Communications Strategy• Measurement Strategy9
  10. 10. | #yb2bblueprint• Content Development• Content Promotion• Content Curation10
  11. 11. | #yb2bblueprint• Technology Selection• Technology Implementation• Platform Integration• Campaign Execution11
  12. 12. | #yb2bblueprint• Sales & Marketing Alignment• Technology Selection, Implementation and Integration• Sales & System Training• Lead Intelligence• Sales Development12
  13. 13. | #yb2bblueprint• Strategic Account Management• Customer Engagement Programs• Customer Reference Programs13
  14. 14. | #yb2bblueprint• Weekly Reporting• Monthly Reporting• Quarterly Reporting/QBR14
  15. 15. | #yb2bblueprintlet’s talk about the elementsof the blueprint
  16. 16. | #yb2bblueprint 16BUYERRESEARCH
  17. 17. | #yb2bblueprint 17MARKETRESEARCH
  18. 18. | #yb2bblueprintPositioning statementMessaging framework
  19. 19. | #yb2bblueprint 19BRAND ANDSTYLE GUIDELINESWe take your existingbrand guidelines, logosand other brand guidanceyou already haveWe make them operationalso the people who createyour content stay onmessage and on brandWe develop any templates(PPT, solution brief, onlinead banners, etc.) you needto keep it on brand
  20. 20. | #yb2bblueprint 20CONTENT STRATEGY
  21. 21. | #yb2bblueprint 21COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY
  22. 22. | #yb2bblueprint 22MEASUREMENTSTRATEGY
  23. 23. | #yb2bblueprint
  24. 24. | #yb2bblueprint• B2B buyers have changed• Our engagement model must as well• The new model is complex• It requires a holistic, end to end approach• A blueprint• Start with a plan to achieve success24TOSUMMARIZE
  25. 25. | #yb2bblueprint 25Q&A