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Vectorworks designer with renderworks 2011


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Vectorworks designer with renderworks 2011

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Vectorworks Designer withRenderworks 2011ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.2 out of 5Product FeatureRenderWorks is the essential presentation tool forqall VectorWorks productsNew features and improved capabilitiesqOver 200 textures which gives you even moreqpower and controlAn improved rendering engine means that imagesqrender twice as fast and with an even higherdegree of realism.Your presentations have never looked so goodqRead moreqProduct DescriptionThis bundle includes VectorWorks ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT & MACHINE DESIGN plus RenderWorksin order to provide you with the best tools for the design and presentation of you creative ideas. Engineered tomeet the specific needs of smart-sized companies, Vectorworks Designer & RenderWorks 2011 has everythingyou need to streamline the design and production process. From project setup to programming, schematicdesign development and construction documents - Industry Collection lets you work faster and smarter withfewer errors. Thats why top designers and architects around the world rely on Vectorworks Designer &RenderWorks 2011 to create and present their designs. At a fraction of the cost of other CAD programs,ARCHITECT can take your designs to places you never thought they could go. Read more