Rocket french premium 20 cd pack and 24 7 lifetime online access


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Rocket french premium 20 cd pack and 24 7 lifetime online access

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Rocket French Premium 20CD Packand 24/7 Lifetime Online AccessViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product Feature33 Downloadable Interactive Audio lessons withqcontemporary everyday conversations that youcan join in with.31 illustrated Language and Culture lessonsqfeaturing step-by-step instructions for everydaysituations.Tutors Claire and Paul will guide you throughqrealistic scenarios so that you always know theright thing to say.24/7 access to the Rocket Learning Lounge,qincluding the support of native speakers, and otherlearners.Interactive games, quizzes, self tests, progressqtracking, and when youre ready you can getRocket Certified!Read moreqProduct DescriptionThe Rocket French Premium (Level 1) 20CD Pack contains everything you need to become aconfident French speaker quickly.Rocket French Premium (Level 1):- Is fun and easy to follow- Is flexible and portable- Helps you to stay motivated- Gives you confidenceLearning French is fun and easy with Rocket French Premiums cutting edge learning system. Youll join in withcommon everyday activities, and learn how to communicate successfully.
  2. 2. The conversation based lessons are just like being there! They reduce study time, encourage you to speakconfidently, and are fully downloadable, so you can use your mp3 player or iPod to pause, rewind, or start overany time you like. Take your learning with you wherever you go!Rocket French Premium (Level 1) contains 33 interactive audio lessons, each around 25 minutes long. Thatsover 12 hours of audio lessons that allow you to use the learning style that suits you best! In no time at all youwill be speaking confidently.The 31 fully illustrated language and culture lessons give you examples from day-to-day life to help youunderstand just what makes the French language tick, what to say when, and what not to say...If game-play is more your thing, the MegaGames range of software based word-building games are there tohelp you to understand every-day speech. They are the perfect accompaniment to the interactive audio lessons.Soon youll be listening to native speakers and understanding every word.Plus, you get to use the Rocket Learning Lounge - an interactive forum where you can access all the onlinesupport you need. The Learning Lounge is packed with features to help you learn more efficiently than everbefore!All members are in for life, and all enhancements automatically become features for existing members - thatsRocket Languages commitment to lifelong learning!Read more