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Quick books premier non profit edition 2006


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Quick books premier non profit edition 2006

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Edition2006ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.7 out of 5Product FeatureTrack your organizations finances with theqNonprofit Chart of Accounts as you enter donations,fund programs, and pay billsGet direct access to bills, bank accounts, pledges,qdonations, vendors, and reports from the newsimplified Home PageTurn pledge forms into thank you letters andqreceipts with just a few clicksSee contact information, pledge status andqcontribution history for any donor at a glance inthe new Customer CenterWorks easily with Microsoft Office, including Word,qExcel and Outlook Contacts to save time andreduce errorsRead moreqProduct DescriptionQuickBooks 2006 Nonprofit Edition helps you get more done, faster so it’s easy to demonstrate financialaccountability to your Board of Directors. It’s preconfigured for nonprofits so it streamlines your accounting andfundraising tasks. Nonprofit chart of accounts, memorized reports, and templates help you to quickly track andmanage your organization’s finances. You can transfer donor information directly from QuickBooks intoMicrosoft Word to create donation forms, thank you letters, and envelopes with no retyping. Flexiblecustomization options allow you to format reports and donor forms the way you like. You can add your logo ormission statement so that it’s professional and customized for your organization. Plus, the new Customer andVendor Centers let you see your business relationships and transactions in one glance. There is no need to runseparate reports to get the information you want. For example, in the Vendor Center, you can click on avendor’s name and you’ll see the contact information and every transaction you had with that vendor, all onthe same screen. The new, simpler “home” page also means you are never more than two clicks away from allyour important business data. Read more