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Quark xpress 5.0


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Quark xpress 5.0

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuarkXpress 5.0ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.5 out of 5Product DescriptionQuarkXPress 5.0s new and enhanced tool suite produces professional print and electronic media publicationsmore efficiently than ever before. Design Web pages and entire Web sites using the same palettes and toolsyou use to publish print documents. And because QuarkXPress 5.0 conforms to open standards, your Webpages can be opened and edited in standards-based HTML development tools, such as Dreamweaver. The 5.0release also boasts an XML export tool that lets you extract content from QuarkXPress documents and store itin XML format.QuarkXPress 5.0 streamlines print, Web, and PDF workflows by importing and exporting documents in dozensof file formats, including HTML and PDF, as well as XML format. The softwares new tables tool sportstypographic and image controls that create graphically rich tables in no time. QuarkXPress 5.0 also adds a newlayers tool that isolates items within documents, letting you manage hundreds of document variants andmaking it an ideal tool for separating multiple design elements within a document.With version 5.0, the QuarkXPress design environment gets Web savvy. Add drop-down lists, rollovers,hyperlinks, image maps, and metatags to your Web page designs. The products powerful XTensions interfacelets developers enhance QuarkXPress to meet the needs of unique publishing workflows, while its new LicenseAdministrator benefits publishers with multiple-seat installations by helping larger organizations share the useof a smaller number of licenses. Read more