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Mojo4 music mediapack

  1. 1. WELCOME to the N ew H ome of GREAT MUSIC ON-LINE! ( the all-new )
  2. 2. At MOJO we only cover the good stuff... When, in late 1993, we launched MOJO magazine the ethos was simple: MOJO would only cover the good stuff. Music that was built to last, if you will. This modus operandi has stood us in good stead and helped MOJO become a trusted musical filter – it’s helped us rise to become the biggest-selling monthly music magazine in the world. From legendary acts such as The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths and Bob Dylan through to modern day kindred spirits such as Jack White, Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Laura Marling and Arctic Monkeys, every month MOJO is proud to create an immersive music experience. Consequently MOJO has become the ‘go-to’ magazine for ardent music fans and musicians alike. As we prepare to celebrate 20 years of publishing excellence, we have decided to expand what we do further, both in terms of broadcast (notably via our weekly show on multiple award-winning station Planet Rock), and also with our further development into the digital realm. In terms of the latter we have rebuilt our website from the ground up, asking our users and some of our key clients what they want from The results of these conversations have informed our web offering which is built around quality, not quantity. It has also confirmed that the values that define the magazine should also define what we do on-line. As a result, our website is run entirely by our editorial team, its content commissioned and edited with the same fierce passion and meticulous attention to detail as the magazine has. Inside this pack you will find out exactly what this means. As I said earlier, we are unlikely to chase ‘hits’ or follow trends. Instead we promise to deliver intelligent content for intelligent music fans, because on MOJO, after 20 years, we’re still covering the good stuff… Phil Alexander, Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher, MOJO
  3. 3. THE MOJO4MUSIC.COM VISITOR We see four distinct categories of users of the site: Baby Boomers » Older, affluent readers with disposable income. » Music zealots, hardcore MOJO readers. » Also known as the “£50 man”, likely to spend money in record shops as well as adopters of streaming services. Curious Generalists » 25-40, settling down. » Have a broader selection of tastes but are still engaged & passionate about music. » This year they have bought albums by David Bowie, Laura Mvula and Arctic Monkeys, and went to Latitude. New Classicists » Younger readers passionate about classic music. » Students, late 20s listeners, likely to be in first job. » Active gigs goers, bloggers, influencers. The 2001 Weekly Readers » The last generation of ‘pure’ magazine readers from NME and Kerrang! » Came into music via The White Stripes, The Strokes, Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters but who have a view of rock’s heritage and see themselves within that.
  4. 4. £41,000 household income (3rd highest in Bauer) 2/ 3 » married or living with partner 31% ta b l e t ow ne r s 46% of magazine readers have visited the website in the past 12 months THE MOJO audience online... (Website Profiling survey, 2013, Bauer Media Insight) Average Age forty y ea r s ol d 81%ABC1 91% male 4 th ut of o 50 ranked 4th out of top 50 consumer magazines in terms of influence in Bauer’s AOI research (2012) 85% Employed
  5. 5. SO WHY CHANGE? We extensively interviewed our audience of readers, advertisers and agencies to ask what they were looking for from a MOJO website. The main requests from our audience included: » Exclusive content involving legendary acts. » The best new music. » A filter for the best ‘musical fun’ on the web. » Recommendations and views on new releases. » Long-form content they could actually read on tablet. » Snacky content that they could share via social media. » Above all, they wanted the ethos of the magazine reflected throughout the site – the same quality writing, the same artists, the same iconic photography, the same depth. These results informed the site itself.
  6. 6. Totallybuilt to be as readable on desktop asHTML5 THEsmartphone. redesigned site in it is on tablet & NEW MOJO4MUSIC.COM Responsively New block style designed for ease of access via both the web & mobile. NEW MUSIC & Artist Guides The Big Read NEW ARTISTS The definitive guide to the An exclusive 3500-word From MOJO’s Track Of The Day to Album Of The Week and on to our new band feature, MOJO Rising, the site will deliver new music to an audience that buys more music than anyone else. world’s greatest artists, expertly written and including audio and video content. This section will grow to become the most comprehensive ‘how to buy’ section on the web. interview with a genuine icon. Bespoke design will make this something for the audience to luxuriate in, and will include video as well as audio to enhance the immersive experience. VEVO MOJO has partnered with VEVO to be one of the first media brands to offer VEVO content on the new site. This allows music partners to launch exclusives with us whilst VEVO continue to monetise for artists and labels.
  7. 7. so what’s new? Homepage » Cleaner design. » Designed in HTML5 for platform portability – restacks for all different tablet and phone sizes. » Easily navigable. » Block format. » Swappable categories to alternate between stories, promotions and ad-led initiatives. article page » Utilising the latest in block quotes and other formatting advances, creating an easily readable but in depth body of text.
  8. 8. the big read » An article to luxuriate in – this is the ethos of MOJO. » A long-form, in-depth article covering an artist or topic in the classic MOJO style. » Set aside from the rest of the site format to give the user a real reading experience. » No standard display ads to run on these pages – sponsorship packages available. album of the week
  9. 9. artist guides » MOJO doing what it does best – curating how to buy guides and providing info on some of the best artists in its world. » Growing organically over the lifetime of the site, artist guides will accompany our coverage on key MOJO icons. » Great source of quality, independent info on classic artists. other features » Facebook & Twitter integration at the heart of site » Tickets & store direct from the site
  10. 10. advertising Billboard 970 x 250 £30 cpm The existing Mojo4Music site currently has some of the highest response for campaigns in Bauer – nearing 1-2% CTRs on some campaigns. To help further enhance these we have introduced some brand new advertising opportunities across the site. New large format adverts » Including Billboards, Portrait and Half Page sizes HomePage Take Over options We now offer two options; standard and advanced for even more stand-out. Skins can now be ad-served to region. Targeting We are able to offer several layers of targeting, including contextual, audience and geographical. Promo Box A new ad slot, a fixed position appearing run of site on the right hand column on every page. A perfect opportunity for co-branded or competition-driven campaigns. Creative options INCLUDING: site takeovers, channel skinning and targeting and more.
  11. 11. Push Down 970 x 90 Pushes down to 970 x 415 £25 cpm half page 300 x 600 £35 cpm
  12. 12. leaderboard 728 x 90 £10 cpm portrait 300 x 1050 £50 cpm MPU 300 x 250 £15 cpm
  13. 13. HOME PAGE TAKE OVER: Standard » Leaderboard « » MPU « » Reskin of homepage « £40 HOME PAGE TAKE OVER: ADVANCED » BILLBOARD « » HALF PAGE « » Reskin of homepage « £60 cpm cpm
  14. 14. creative options Available options include: Site-wide single ad takeover Block out of all impressions on a single ad position promo box » MPU sized « » slot – not ad-served « » Runs across entire site « P rice on R equest (dependent on ad format) – starting from £1,000 Site-wide full takeover Includes background skin and all ad positions for maximum impact Skin individual channels » Features » Music » Interviews » Track of the day & more Prices available on request
  15. 15. The la u nch plan marketing A £100k marketing plan has been put together to promote the new Mojo4Music site, including: » » » Full pages in both Q & Mojo Magazines. Digital house ads on key Bauer sites including Planet Rock. Facebook advertising around content to drive targeted traffic. » » Bauer-wide digital promotion for the relaunch via directional ads & solus emails. Data swaps with key partners, reaching an additional 200,000 non-Bauer readers.
  16. 16. Endeavour House, 189 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8JG F or M ore I nformation P lease C ontact Martin Bojtos Music Commercial Director 0207 208 3443 Liz Harriot t Film Manager 0207 208 3443 Ariana Dunne Creative Solutions Manager 0207 295 8589 Joel Hopkins Live Music & Media Planner 0207 295 5474