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Rakı Harmony in Global Cuisine / Germany


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Offering Yeni Rakı to your guests is an opportunity to introduce them not only to the pleasure of the drink, but also to a new experience of established rituals, presentation and gastronomy. Easily spawning its own gastronomy within different cuisines, rakı is the ideal accompaniment to an enjoyable meal, sharing, conversation and entertainment.

The dishes in this guide have been selected as suggestions in order to inspire you to explore rakı gastronomy even further. Together with the mezes that you will prepare thanks to the experience and creativity of your chefs and suggestions from your service team, Yeni Rakı can also assist you in creating new experiences

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Rakı Harmony in Global Cuisine / Germany

  1. 1. 05 Funda İnansal rakı harmony in global cuisine Germany
  2. 2. OfferingYeniRakıtoyourguestsisanopportunitytointroducethem not only to the pleasure of the drink, but also to a new experience of established rituals, presentation and gastronomy. Easily spawning its own gastronomy within different cuisines, rakı is the ideal accompaniment to an enjoyable meal, sharing, conversation and entertainment. The main reason why mezes, the basis for rakı gastronomy, adapt so readily to all cuisines, is that they are snack foods and starters served in small portions, and consumed with different rituals. These small portioned dishes accompanying spirits have different names in different countries depending on their lifestyle and food rituals, such as ‘tapas’ in Spain, but all these names correspond to the concept of ‘meze’. Themanydifferentflavoursinsnackfoodsor“appetisers,”coldstartersandhotstarterscaneachbecome a perfect meze when served in small portions. Rakı will inspire you based on the basic harmony principles detailed in the guide. Regardless of how the rakı will be drunk – as an aperitif or an accompaniment to a long and enjoyable dinner – the pleasant times will start with the one and only constant: mezes. Keep in mind that the technical aspects are not the only criteria in rakı-food harmony; the culinary customs and rituals of different countries encourage you to discover the best harmony. In thıs guide, which provides basic rules for the pairing of foods with rakı, you will find, in addition to traditional national dishes, examples of new dishes based on local tradition, fusion between national cusines, and complex dishes from the menus of Michelin-star chefs. The dishes in this guide have been selected as suggestions in order to inspire you to explore rakı gastronomy even further. Together with the mezes that you will prepare thanks to the experience and creativity of your chefs and suggestions from your service team, Yeni Rakı can also assist you in creating new experiences. 01
  3. 3. 02 Snack food • Cheese plate with Bauernbrot, Frankenlaib bread – Bavaria Blu, Allgäuer Emmentaler, Cambozola, Handkäse, Korbkäse • Sauerkraut – Pickled cabbage • (Aufschnitt platte) Cold cut and sausage platter • Kartoffelpuffer – potato pancakes – fried pancakes of grated potato, flour and egg, flavoured with grated onion. • Kroketten – fried crumbed mashed potatoes flavoured with cheese • Braised carrot – braised carrots flavoured with sugar and served with parsley & chives • Red beetroot carpaccio – thinly sliced beetroot • Krabben toast – Sylt Island shrimp on toast • Whole fried onion with spicy sauce • Deep-fried mushrooms • Spaetzle – dumplings sautéed in butter and topped with fresh parsley • Veggie mix – carrots, celery and onion sautéed in a mild garlic sauce • Mini-boulette (meatball) with pease pudding • Spiced feta cheese – feta cheese spiced with oregano, ground red pepper, ground black pepper
  4. 4. Starters • Pan-seared goose liver with caramelised apples • Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake) – savoury cake made with onions and seasoned with herbs and salmon • Kale stew with smoked meat and sausages • Rothkol – braised red cabbage • Fish balls in green sauce • Marinated herring with red onion and dill • Prawn cocktail with dill and yoghurt • Traditional Bavarian bread dumplings served in a creamy mushroom sauce • Smoked trout with apple salad • Smoked eel carpaccio with beetroot • Bückling – pickled herring 03
  5. 5. • White asparagus with marinated trout • Rollmops – rolled and stuffed herring fillets • Sautéed beef liver with apple and onion sauce • Goat’s cream cheese terrine with avocado, courgette and a wild herb salad • Roasted veal breast with pear, parsley and lamb’s lettuce • Slow-cooked breast and sweetbread of veal with oats and baby vegetables • Poached trout with saffron, shallots, lemon and cranberries • Roasted tartare of Holsteiner beef with salsify and trompettes • Monkfish with spring onions, dill and lemon • Roasted scallops with cep cream and Jerusalem artichoke 04
  6. 6. • Duck liver pavé with sour cherries and brioche • Confit of halibut with black salsify cooked three ways, with blood orange and cocoa • Holstein beef with sliced pickles and potato • Braised Jerusalem artichokes and Moro orange with watercress • Smoked catfish, horseradish ice cream, mustard and turnip • Velvet veal tongue braised with sloes and beetroot • Warm poultry liver, pointed cabbage and rhubarb, yoghurt and oats • Veal rump cap with cider, apple and horseradish • Faroe Salmon poached with coriander, radish and macadamia nuts • Braised beef with semolina, oxtail and chives 05
  7. 7. 06 Turkish Cuisine • Cacık – yoghurt prepared with chopped cucumber, mint and a hint of garlic • Broad beans with olive oil and garlic yoghurt • Fried aubergine, Charleston chilli pepper and spicy tomato sauce • Şakşuka – deep-fried aubergines, carrots and potato cooked with vegetables and spices • Hummus –purée of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and a hint of garlic • Zeytinyağlı yaprak dolma – meat & rice wrapped in vine leaves and cooked with olive oil • Zeytinyağlı biber dolma – meat & rice stuffed pepper cooked with olive oil
  8. 8. 07 • Braised artichoke with olive oil – artichoke cooked in olive oil with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic • Acılı Antep Ezmesi – spicy purée of onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers • Hummus – classic purée of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and a hint of garlic • Fava – creamed broad beans, seasoned with dill and olive oil • İmam Bayıldı – aubergine with caramelised onions cooked in olive oil • Babaghanoush – grilled and peeled aubergine with garlic and yoghurt • Muhammara – a mixture of ground nuts prepared with herbs & spices • Tarama – caviar spread with lemon and olive oil and a hint of garlic • Cheese filo rolls – freshly fried filo filled with feta cheese and parsley • “Albanian-style” liver – sautéed and spiced lamb’s liver served with sweet red onion and parsley • Grilled aubergines and Charleston pepper served with a yoghurt and garlic sauce • Grilled halloumi (goat’s cheese from Cyprus) with grilled tomatoes • Lahmacun (‘Turkish pizza’) – thin crust topped with minced lamb, tomatoes, onions and parsley
  9. 9. • Grilled sausage – lightly spiced Turkish sausage, grilled & served with grilled tomatoes • Traditional Turkish cheese pie – filo pastry rolled and stuffed with feta cheese & parsley • Sautéed chicken liver with caramelised onions • Baked Turkish spicy beef sausage with cherry tomatoes and olive oil • Grilled Turkish meatballs with tomatoes • Deep-fried mussels served with garlic sauce • Stuffed köfte – bulgur shells stuffed wıth seasoned minced lamb, served with salad • Grilled lamb’s kidney seasoned with oregano and cumin, topped with red onions • Beef moussaka – layers of aubergine, minced beef and tomatoes • Etli yaprak dolma – mince wrapped in vine leaves • Adana kebab – minced lamb with herbs and spices, chargrilled and served on Lavash bread • Ala nazik – diced lamb fillet slowly oven-roasted to perfection, served on aubergine purée with peppers, tomatoes and garlic yoghurt • Doner kebab (lamb) – spit-roasted lamb, thinly sliced on bread with tomatoes • İskender kebab – doner kebab served on pita bread with fresh herbs and tomato sauce, topped with yoghurt and sizzling butter • Lamb shish kebab – prime side of lamb skewered and cooked over charcoal with grilled peppers & tomatoes, served with bulgur • Grilled skewered meatballs with grilled onion and tomatoes • Kuzu Incik – braised lamb shank slowly oven roasted, with a subtle taste of fresh herbs, topped with aubergine • Seafood casserole of king prawns, monkfish, scallops & shrimp, simmered with Mediterranean vegetables and herbs in tomato sauce served with bulgur 08
  10. 10. 09
  11. 11. Salad • Kohlrabi and apple salad • Rotkraut salad – red cabbage and apple salad with white wine vinaigrette • Red cabbage and cheese salad • Asparagus salad with salmon • Beetroot salad – pickled beetroot, celery, mandarin oranges and dill dressing • Herring salad with beetroot carpaccio – pickled herring, beetroot slices and watercress •Cucumbers,greenbeansandshreddedcarrotswithvinaigrettedressing • Endive salad with spicy mustard and horseradish • Red cabbage salad with pears and walnut dressing • Herring salad with crisp apples and sour pickles • Çoban salad – fresh diced tomatoes, diced cucumber, onions, fresh parsley, fresh lemon, dressed with olive oil 10
  12. 12. Main course • Ein top – meat or chicken sautéed with vegetables • Wiener schnitzel • Beef rouladen – rolled beef filled with meat and braised in a sauce with potatoes & red cabbage • Sauerbraten beef – pot roast marinated in vinegar, spices and seasonings • Frikadellen – meat dumplings • Leberknödel – liver dumplings • Geräucherte forelle – smoked trout with a green salad • Pan-fried trout with boiled potatoes and sprinkled with parsley • Beef brisket with horseradish sauce • Grilled haddock with a green salad and salt potatoes • Rindfleisch mit kren – beef with horseradish mash • Holsteiner pfanne – Holsteiner pan-roasted potatoes with tomatoes • Labskaus (corned beef, potatoes, onions, red beetroot, marinated herring, fried egg and pickle) • Königsberger klopse – veal meatballs with an anchovy and caper sauce • Ground beef casserole with vegetables • Lamb stew with green beans • Smoked eel with lettuce velouté, lemon and celeriac • Butternut squash with pumpkin seed oil • Roasted halibut with fennel • Saddle of venison from Brandenburg with curly kale, panch phoron and French toast • Lamb with bell pepper and tartare sauce with Turkish ‘sivri’ peppers, pan fried with Rapini in Ayran • Cod with parsley, spinach and beurre rouge 11
  13. 13. • Red king crab gently cooked, with tartare sauce, rhubarb, vanilla, ginger, coriander and Ayran ice cream • Atlantic sole fried with black olives, parmesan and garlic foam • Smoked duck ham, lingonberries, smoked malt vinaigrette, micro herbs • Eel with green apple and pumpernickel, smoked eel mousse • Red cabbage and turnip velouté, langoustine, orange • Lamb noisettes with parsnips, lentils, herb sauce, braised shoulder, macadamia nuts • Grilled mackerel, king oyster mushrooms and chicory 12
  14. 14. 13
  15. 15. Dessert • Armer Ritter – German version of French toast • Bayerische Crème – Bavarian-style vanilla cream with strawberries • Bratäpfel – baked apples with vanilla sauce & walnuts • Rote Grütze (“Red Groats”) – Red berry pudding served with vanilla custard, cream or vanilla ice-cream • Bienenstich – sweet bread (with or without yeast) with a baked topping of honeyed almonds, and filled with vanilla custard • A selection of mango desserts with cardamom and lime crème brûlée • Gianduja soufflé with pickled wild figs and Piedmont hazelnut ice cream • A selection of apple desserts with nut butter and roasted almonds • Chocolate meringue – Araguani chocolate, sponge, white chocolate mousse • Ginger and chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream • Seasonal fruits with yoghurt mousse • Raw-milk cheese with fruit • Peanut–avocado, Valrhona chocolate–banana, dragon fruit and coriander dessert • Apple, chocolate with hazelnut and black sesame dessert 14
  16. 16. 15
  17. 17. Turkish desserts • Halva – warm semolina dessert • Baklava traditional Turkish dessert made with layers of filo pastry with pistachios and syrup • Künefe – shredded wheat with pistachios, fresh and unsalted cheese and syrup • Kadayıf – shredded wheat with pistachios and syrup • Braised pumpkin dessert served with walnuts • Braised quince dessert served with clotted cream • Sekerpare – pastry in syrup, oven baked with pine nuts • Fırın sütlaç – Turkish rice pudding, browned in the oven • İncir Tatlısı –figs poached in syrup and stuffed with walnuts 16
  18. 18. 17