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Yellowduck ltd newsletter-201206

  1. 1. YELLOWDUCK NEWS MAY 2012 WWW.YELLOWDUCKLTD.COM SERIOUSLY FUN ! B R A ND NEW ST YLE FUN FOOTWEAR R E M I N D E R: OF THE MONTH T HIS JUNE “ Vi nta g e B rown” It’s June and now’s the time for Watch out for the launch Dad to shine! Vintage Brown of our brand new website is the perfect gift for the Dad coming soon. There will be a who wants it simple, relaxed, promo launch to invite more and classic. traffic! Grab a pair now! For more details:
  2. 2. BLING DUCK 2012 Shin and Nadine: Product campaigns are made to make a product known to potential customers and the goal ofany advertisement created is to leave an impact to the viewers.The Bling Duck 2012 Collection Campaign team searched high and low for the perfect faces who canembody the philosophy of Bling Duck and translate it to photos. We found Fang Shin and Nadine Lima’ssensuous looks fit for the job. Fang and Nadine were like chameleons and working with them was abreeze.Fang Shin works at New Models World. She lives in Manila, Philippines with her partner Alexander VegaHidalgo. She went to Colegio Mickey and knows Portuguese, English, and Mandarin Chinese. She’s bornon March 4.Discovered in Manila, Nadine Lima is from Gibraltar. Like Fang, she is an International model, modelingfor big brands both International and local. She knows Portuguese, English, and learning Filipino. Nadineis born on August 10.As to how far they would like to take modeling, they say they’re willing to try whatever comes their way.Watch out for more of Fang, Nadine, and the Bling Duck 2012 Collection campaign in the weeks tocome. 2
  3. 3. BLING DUCK CREATIVE TEAM P romoting a product is a must in any company that would like to ensure revenue. That is whyBling Duck prepared a huge campaign, which consists of a team seriously involved in videography andphotography.We introduced Fang Shin and Nadine Lima, the ladies behind the Bling Duck 2012 Collection campaign.Now we bring you the guys behind the team responsible for this beautifully crafted advertisement forBling Duck, Jagged Perspective. Jagged Perspective is a creative studio specializing in Web Development, Photography, VideoProduction, and Graphic Design. The company provides materials of the highest quality for your onlineand marketing needs.The team has 11+ years of experience in IT, Marketing, and Advertising industries. Many clients fromaround the world including the Philippines, Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos among others, feelconfident in working with Jagged Perspective today.The team strongly believes that “Crafts are done beyond (their) thinking” as they are well equipped withkeen eye for details and gifted creativity. They live by their professional mantra: “Your world, your story,our playground.” 3
  4. 4. Distribution map EX TN EI S SU S N E AK PE AK OF Recipient Details:BLING DUCK’S2011 DistributionNetwork Success BLING DUCKMarket Introduction in Dubai Business Address 1916-1918 Chevalier Commercial Centre 8 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong