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Yellow Dog Software Inventory Management


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Yellow Dog Software offers a full featured retail inventory system to handle the merchandise needs of resorts, clubs and general retail operations. Whether you are looking to manage a single retail outlet or multiple outlets across one or more properties, Yellow Dog Inventory offers the flexibility you expect with rock-solid architecture to meet the needs of your organization.

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Yellow Dog Software Inventory Management

  1. 1. Yellow Dog Inventory Click to Begin Presentation A Retail Management System
  2. 2. Presentation Guide Contact UsBrowse through the buttons below to discover what Yellow Dog Inventory can do for your organization. Please take a moment to view our Web Video and get a realistic look at how easy our software is to use. Web Videos System Diagram Features Retail Store Our Clients POS Integration Types Accounting Spa Integration Our Technology Integration Contact Us
  3. 3. Web Videos Contact Us Click the button below to watch astreaming web demonstration video on the Yellow Dog Inventory system. Yellow Dog Inventory Overview Demo
  4. 4. System Diagram Contact UsThe Yellow Dog Inventory System Point of Sale Yellow Dog Inventory POS Database Database
  5. 5. Yellow Dog Inventory Contact Us Features Explore the features below to discover how Yellow Dog Inventory can streamline your inventory process and improve your business. Physical Purchase Orders &Item Maintenance Inventories Receipts VendorTransfers & Returns Label Printing Management Security & Reporting Help & Backups Employees
  6. 6. Item Maintenance Contact Us The management of items in inventory is the backbone of the Yellow Dog Inventory system. The software is designed for maximum functionality, exhibited by the features below:• Unlimited Levels (Department/Sub • Shipping can be added into the cost of each item Department/Category/Sub Category/etc) • On-hand, on-order, reorder point and reorder qty.• Automatic SKU Numbering based on client defined set per item by location parameters • Aliases (supports multiple UPC and other alternate• Supports individual and Matrix items, unlimited lookup codes) dimensions (Size x Color) • Average weighted cost• Easily add new items to existing matrix • Parent/Child management (ex. case/12 pack/can)• Unlimited stores/revenue • Copy existing item to create new items centers/warehouses/storerooms • Built in import tool to import new price lists,• Search by store, vendor, SKU, or full or partial items, etc. description • Supports inventory and non-inventory items• Short Description and Extended Description • Ability to make mass cost and price changes• Price can be calculated by markup or profit margin• Assign seasons to each item
  7. 7. Physical Inventories Contact Us Our customers often tell that before using our product, doing a physical inventory could be a very painful process. Yellow Dog Inventory has a number of features that make a physical inventory faster, more accurate and more efficient.• Applies physical inventory count changes as of a • Allows you to manually key in a barcode when it particular date/time cannot be scanned• Shows any variance on screen while performing • Lets you easily subtract quantities from the physical scanner• Allows you to to enter labels to group counts for • Provides a preview of items scanned specific racks or areas via handheld • Lets you use multiple scanners to consolidate• Works with windows CE based and other data item counts collectors • Provides automatic controls to prevent zero• Downloads the inventory list to your handheld counts on items with on-hand system counts scanner for increased mobility• Signals you with a different beep tone and visual indication if scanned item was not found in database
  8. 8. Purchasing & Receipts Contact Us The Yellow Dog Inventory system is designed to easily transition from Ordering Requests  Purchase Orders  Receipts  Invoices• Requests – Employees can create item order • Invoice Entry – Enter item costs and additional requests for review and approval expenses (freight, embroidery, etc)• Purchase Order – Requests can be converted to a • Custom templates for all forms (requests, orders, PO or you can create new orders without a receipt. receipts, invoices)• Consolidate multiple request items into each PO • Add new items on the fly• Reorder report can show items needing to be • Consolidate items from different receipts or PO’s ordered. into an invoice• User-defined approval for PO dollar amounts• Receipts – Receive inventory with or without a PO• Consolidate multiple PO items into a single receipt• Print Labels when receiving items• Hand-held receiving direct to a receipt
  9. 9. Transfers & Returns Contact Us Our software makes transferring product from one store to another, or sending it back to the vendor a quick and easy process.Transfers Credit Memos• Transfers items from one store to another • Create and manage credits from vendors• Transfers can be automatic or be confirmed by • Apply to invoices other stores • Post to accounting• Add new items on the fly during transfer processReturns to Vendors• Returns items to vendors• Automatic transfer numbering based on Store, Vendor, Incremental, and manual input• Returns can trigger accounting for pending credits
  10. 10. Bar Code Printing Contact Us Yellow Dog Inventory provides for custom bar code printing quickly and easily Roll Labels• Supports both standard and roll printers• Print roll labels, hang tags, or sheet labels• Custom labels sizes and information (choose from over 20 data elements for each label) Hang Tags• Print labels for some items, hand tags for apparel, etc.• Ability to print on demand or “queue” labels for consolidated label print runs• Starting position selection for partial full page labels• Supports multiple bar code fonts Laser Labels
  11. 11. Vendor Management Contact Us The Yellow Dog Inventory system makes managing and tracking your vendors a breeze.• Unlimited vendors • View and edit all items from a• Automatic vendor numbering vendor• Vendor code can be part of SKU • Add news items from vendor screen number • Create links to vendor web site (web• List primary contact per vendor with url) for items phone, fax, cell, address, and email • Shows total SKU’s, On-Hand, and On- fields Order per vendor• Fields for account number, vendor tax id, website, terms, and notes
  12. 12. Security & Employee Management Contact Us We are very aware of our clients’ security concerns – as a result, our softwarecontains a number of provisions that provide peace of mind and create a secure working environment. • Software allows for an unlimited • Security settings that allow for number of employees restricted access at 45 different • Maintains contact info associated points with each individual employee, • Restrict employees to certain including email, position notes store(s) • Easy to manage employee access • Allows employees to request restrictions customizable for each purchases without having the individual situation authority to execute a purchase order
  13. 13. Reporting Contact Us Yellow Dog Inventory Reports are endlessly customizable and designed with readability in mind.• Over 70 standard reports that can be viewed at any time• 5 FLASH reports that can be customized to automatically show certain activity• Reports based on transaction date/time – allows user to “go back” to any date and time for inventory analysis• Report groups for sales, inventory, orders, etc.• Export to CSV file or directly to Excel• Graphs for sales and inventory analysis• Easily sort and subtotal data• SQL report queries can be copied for detailed SQL reporting• Errors logs detail any issues with POS sync’s
  14. 14. Help & Backups Contact Us Assisting our customers is of the highest priority at Yellow Dog Software. As a result, we have built in easy-to-use help features throughout Yellow Dog Inventory.• Help - On-form help on all screens, website for FAQ’s and other support related information• Backup - Automatic database backup• Automatic Email Notifications - Automatically sends emails to support for system issues (ex. low disk space)• WAN – Option to use system on WAN’s or other lower bandwidth networks
  15. 15. Our Clients Contact Us Yellow Dog Inventory is installed in a wide variety of hospitality operationsthroughout North America and Europe. Some of the operations we support include: Resorts Museums Luxury Hotels Conference Centers Gaming & Casinos Restaurants Golf Courses Water Parks Sporting Arenas Hospitals
  16. 16. POS Integrations Contact Us The Yellow Dog Inventory software integrates with your POS system, keeping your records up to date with on-hand information and allowing for real-time reporting.• Integrates directly to a number of POS systems and their databases• Allows retail managers to perform all reporting and functions without needing to access the POS system• Automatically syncs with POS to update new items and transactions• Ensures that items within Yellow Dog Inventory do not conflict with existing POS items• System automatically recognizes any integration issues and reports them immediately
  17. 17. Retail Opportunities Contact Us Yellow Dog Inventory supports all types of retail. A few examples of businesses we are currently serving are:Gift Shops SpasGolf Pro Tennis Pro Shops Shops SpecialtyMarinas Retail Apparel ConvenienceBoutiques / Gas StoresTobacco AssetOutlets Management
  18. 18. Accounting Integrations Contact Us Yellow Dog Inventory can be customized to export information directly to your accounting system, providing all areas of your back office a complete picture of your retail inventory.• Send daily COGS, item adjustments, and invoices to accounting via import files• Items can automatically be assigned to user defined accounting groups• Custom file export can be adjusted to work with any accounting system• Separate files can be created to isolate COGS, Inventory adjustments (receipts, physicals, adjustments, etc), Invoices for AP import• AP Vendor number field for vendors import to AP• AP Invoices can be batched or user can select certain invoices• Accounting groups can determine accounts including COGS, Inventory Asset, Manual Adjustments, Shipping, Expense Items, Credits, Goods in Transit, Payables, etc.
  19. 19. Spa Integration Contact Us Do you have a Spa on your property? If so, there is likely a great deal ofinventory to manage – creams, lotions, etc. Ask us about what Yellow Dog Inventory can do for your spa inventory.
  20. 20. Our Technology Contact Us Developed using C# and Microsoft .Net 2.0 Database: MS SQL 2005 or 2008 (Can use SQL Express free version for most installs) Direct database integration to the POS Updates to the server update all clients automatically (no need to update clients) Upgrades located on ftp site for access by IT on demand
  21. 21. Contact Main: 757.818.9360 Fax: 757.204.20211709 Colley Avenue, Suite 212 Norfolk, Virginia 23517