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My SXSW 2012


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A summary of my experience at SXSW Interactive in 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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My SXSW 2012

  1. @yellif
  2. Talk Highlights
  3. @celiajones: @NoReservations #bourdain: “We took over the Twitter handleso it wouldn’t suck” #SXSW@SocialMediaDFW: Bourdain to his crew guy: “Well you get really drunk andtweet, and the next morning you wake up with like, 8,000 newfollowers.” #SXSWi@Creativesocial: Tips from Anthony Bourdain on getting more likes: Pain,humiliation, head injuries and references to Ron Jeremy #sxsw@afairweather: A pic with Christopher Walken and Bourdain got 20K likes onFB, but a pic of a fish taco got 13K likes. #sxsw #Bourdain@ZazzaNM: Actually social medias are what help us deliver the show andmake it successful. #bourdain #sxsw@SocialMediaDFW: “TV network wouldn’t let us air this, so we put it onYouTube, and within 5 days it got 100,000 views”
  4. Do what it promises rather than say what it does
  5. “Digital is not a medium. It is the era we are in”Greg Johnson Global Creative Director, Hewlett Packard
  6. “We must be Digital First”Greg Johnson Global Creative Director, Hewlett Packard
  7. Digital-first brands are designed to be distinctive, relevant & active. Personal, meaningful.
  8. Ben SilbermanFounder of Pinterest
  9. On Pinterest
  10. On business
  11. Ben Silbermann
  12. There will always be ones you missed
  13. Hottest Apps
  14. Hottest Tech
  15. Good UK Showing
  16. Big showing from London Agencies
  17. Fun
  18. QuestionsDaniele FiandacaHead of Innovation, Cheil
  19. Sources I used your image and have not referenced you appropriately, sorry - did not mean to. Let me know and I will update sources