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My talk at El Sol on innovation in Advertising

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Innovation In Advertising

  1. 1. Innovation in Advertising31.05.13(#adinnovation)
  2. 2. 31.05.13 #adinnovationMarketing vs Digital vsAdvertising Innovation
  3. 3. We are seeing the rise of thein-house agencyIn the 2011 Big Won annualrankings, the second most-highly awarded agency in theworld for digitalcommunications was In-House.31.05.13 #adinnovation
  4. 4. A lot of most interesting workcoming from brands31.05.13 #adinnovation
  5. 5. .. and clients are expecting usto be innovative“In the same way our audience expects usto consistently deliver them new andawesome experiences, we expect ouragencies to consistently deliver new andinnovative ideas.”Jamie Coomber,Global Director, Digital Marketing, Converse31.05.13 #adinnovation
  6. 6. .. and so is our audience“If you want to talk to me in my world, youneed to operate at my pace.”18 Year Old31.05.13 #adinnovation
  7. 7. .. who themselves are provingto inspire innovation.31.05.13 #adinnovation
  8. 8. But what is innovation?31.05.13 #adinnovation
  9. 9. It is... not31.05.13 #adinnovation
  10. 10. It is not... creativity“Creativity is thinking up new things.Innovation is doing new things.”Theodore Levitt, Professor,Harvard Business School31.05.13 #adinnovation
  11. 11. It is... ideas that changeeverything31.05.13 #adinnovation
  12. 12. It is... ideas that spawn ideas31.05.13 #adinnovation
  13. 13. “Innovation is finding newand better ways to solveproblems and opening upnew opportunities”31.05.13 #adinnovationMy definition
  14. 14. The Agency Pillars ofInnovation?31.05.13 #adinnovation
  15. 15. SeniorResponsibility31.05.13 #adinnovation
  16. 16. The rise of the InnovationOfficer31.05.13 #adinnovation
  17. 17. ... but it must be everyone’sresponsibilty“..all Unilever’s new category brandswere invented before its muchlauded and copied move toinnovation centres in the 1990s”John Kearon, CEO Brainjuicer31.05.13 #adinnovation
  18. 18. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudget31.05.13 #adinnovation
  19. 19. ... experimentation isimportant31.05.13 #adinnovation
  20. 20. ... experimentation isimportantA client told me “I didn’t want to pay formy agencies to experiment and innovate asmuch as I needed them to”Alex Jenkins,Editor, Contagious Magazine31.05.13 #adinnovation
  21. 21. ... experimentation isimportant60% Proven30% Proving10% Testing new models31.05.13 #adinnovation
  22. 22. ... experimentation isimportantYou can see furtherfrom the frontier31.05.13 #adinnovation
  23. 23. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudgetBecoming Partof theEcosystem31.05.13 #adinnovation
  24. 24. individuals31.05.13 #adinnovation
  25. 25. individuals21/06/06 Early 2007 05/03/0714/12/07200701/04/08 08/10/09 21/02/11 Mar’1231.05.13 #adinnovationNov’11
  26. 26. individuals“I believe one of the ways that marketersremain fresh and keep innovating is byliving in the space. I encourage all of ourmarketers to go out and live in it. ”Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever31.05.13 #adinnovation
  27. 27. ...launching Probes31.05.13 #adinnovation
  28. 28. ...launching Probes31.05.13 #adinnovation
  29. 29. ...investing in Start-ups31.05.13 #adinnovation
  30. 30. ...or building your own apps31.05.13 #adinnovation
  31. 31. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudgetBecoming Partof theEcosystemCreating timefor innovation31.05.13 #adinnovation
  32. 32. ...ringfencing time10%31.05.13 #adinnovation
  33. 33. ...ringfencing time• It’s a sandbox, not structured play — sometimes they will havespecific briefings as part of 10%.  But usually they just have thecurious and talented people do what they want.  The McKinney 10%• Be entrepreneurs — in order for a project to get off the ground, theindividuals need to hustle, evangelize their ideas, form teams — it ison them. • Total transparency — everybody needs to know what everybody isworking on.  Steve Johnson calls this an open database of hunches 31.05.13 #adinnovation
  34. 34. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudgetBecoming Partof theEcosystemCreating timefor innovationExpand yournetwork31.05.13 #adinnovation
  35. 35. ...expanding the network31.05.13 #adinnovation
  36. 36. ...expanding the network31.05.13 #adinnovation
  37. 37. ...expanding the network31.05.13 #adinnovation
  38. 38. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudgetBecoming Partof theEcosystemCreating timefor innovationExpand yournetworkSet Clear KPIsfor innovation31.05.13 #adinnovation
  39. 39. ... estalishing key KPIs isessential“Smart experiments thatmake a difference”Amelia Torode, Head of Innovation,Chime31.05.13 #adinnovation
  40. 40. ... estalishing key KPIs isessentialTesting new platformsFinding new audiencesGrowing revenueNew product revenueCulture change and agency inspirationAwards and reputationWinning new business31.05.13 #adinnovation
  41. 41. SeniorResponsibilityR&DBudgetBecoming Partof theEcosystemCreating timefor innovationExpand yournetworkSet Clear KPIsfor innovationThe rightculture31.05.13 #adinnovation
  42. 42. individuals“At a client level innovation is ultimatelydriven by the senior business directors asit inherently requires delivery - and theirrelationship provides a key role in settingthe environment for clients to commit tonew, progressive thinking. ”Dan Gregson, Managing Director, BMB31.05.13 #adinnovation
  43. 43. Tom Uglow, CD, Google’s Creative LabInnovationExperimenta+on  +  Explora+onPlay Fun= = =An alternative definition ofinnovation31.05.13 #adinnovation
  44. 44. Are you having fun?31.05.13 #adinnovation
  45. 45. “Choose a job you love,and you will never work a day inyour life”ConfuciusHave fun31.05.13 #adinnovation
  46. 46. QuestionsDaniele FiandacaHead of Innovation@yellifdaniele.fiandaca@cheil.com31.05.13 #adinnovation