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Presentation delivered by Phil Mogilev, Account Executive at LinkedIn at business breakfast with "How to Manage Club"(project of Jansen Capital Management) - 30.07.2013, EBA office, Kyiv, Ukraine

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  • LinkedIn is the best global talent pool, with a rapidly growing member base[RMs may remove this slide if context has already been set]
  • LinkedIn is the only place on the web where you can recruit both passive and active candidatesTraditional job boards provide access to only the 20% of professionals who are actively lookingLinkedIn provides access to both these, and the over 80% of passive candidates who are not actively searching on job boardsMany of these members are the people you’re interested in hiring. In fact, last year your company hired ### LinkedIn membersWe know this because we can track every time a member changes his or her profile to your company[NOTE: We should not overlook active candidates as a legitimate source of hire. Instead, focus on how LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and the tens of millions of passive candidates that can’t be reached anywhere else]
  • There are only a few social platforms that can deliver on a global scale. There is only one that can deliver to professionals in a professional contextAccording to LinkedIn Audience 360 survey in 201133% of LinkedIn members don’t use Facebook52% of LinkedIn members don’t use Twitter67% say they’ve increased their use of LinkedIn over the last year81% of members prefer to have separate profiles for their professional and social lives.
  • Make sure that your information is correct and you have a professional pictureName, company, title, and contact infoUpdates – relevant to your network – LinkedIn Today
  • Again, think about your audience and ask for recommendations from the right people (satisfied clients and successfully placed candidates)My advice if you are a recruiter is to ask candidates that you have placed to give you a recommendation. This is a far more powerful message than the guy who hired you 10 years ago !You may also want to include recommendations from line managers within your business if you are trying to build internal relationships again it goes back to your target audience.
  • [InMap labels build]This slide shows an InMap, which is a visual representation of your connections and how they’re all connected to each other. As you can see, there are clusters for this person’s current company, past company, school, and so on. We’ll share a link at the end of the webcast so you can create your own InMap—but we shared it here to demonstrate how powerful your network of connections can be.So let’s talk about your connections.First of all, with whom should you connect?Connect with…- People at your company Your peers at other companies People you’ve worked with or gone to school with in the past Qualified individuals in your candidate pipeline with whom you’d like to keep in touch, whether or not they’re ready for a new opportunityThe more people you’re connected to, the further your network reaches. Your connections allow you to gain valuable access to THEIR connections, and you can ask your connections to “warm up” your leads with an introduction to their connections. Try browsing through the connections of superstar engineers at your company, for example—odds are they know other superstar engineers and can introduce you!HOWEVER—that doesn’t mean you should connect with just anyone. Having people you don’t know, haven’t worked with, and can’t vouch for can dilute your network’s value. Also, as a word of warning—if you invite strangers to join your network too many times and people respond that they do not know you, you will not be allowed to use this invite mechanism in the future. So choose your connections wisely!
  • Reverse job titles and company filters. Filter time in current position Put Your Professional Network at your FingertipsWalk into any interview or client meeting with the ability to look up the details and connect with over 100 million professionals worldwide, in real-time.Works with BlackBerry Contacts, Calendar and MessagingInstant access to the professional identity of anyone you know, meet or email.Spark a ConversationGet the latest updates from your contacts, send the info they need, congratulate them on a recent promotion, and more.
  • So we’ve talked about what the individual can do to ensure that the best foot is forward at all times; we’ve also now laid a foundation for your organisation to build a strong brand within the LinkedIn environment.Consider your company page on LinkedIn the hub of all activity. This is where your organisation can assert it self as an agency of choice, an employer of choice, and ensure that your corporate vision is represented effectively within the LinkedIn environment. We say this is your hub of all activity because anytime someone, whether it’s a possible client or candidate, needs to learn something about your organisation, this is where they will find it. It’s important for the LinkedIn environment to understand what your company does, why it’s great to do business with you, why it’s great to work for you, and why I can trust to my career with you. • Follow your company to stay in the loop on keydevelopments, including job openings and otherupdates.• Read through a high-level overview of your company.• See who in their network is employed by yourcompany.• Access the latest news about your company throughyour blog posts and Twitter feeds.• Visit the “Employee Statistics” section to get ananalytical perspective on your employees. Forexample, they can see what percentage of yourcompany’s employees are in engineering, sales ormarketing. Or how your company’s employee basehas grown over time, as reected by your employees’LinkedIn proles.• Get a quick summary of other key company datathat you choose to provide.Organization specific information is important to driving candidate response from passive candidatesImportant to note that anyone can change the content – many companies are appointing stewards of their LinkedIn brand and aligning content with business and marketing/communications departments/strategies Ensures a consistent and positive user experience with your brand
  • There are parts of the LinkedIn profile that your entire team of recruiters should be leveraging to build your employment brand and talk about the opportunities at your company.  Three things Harry does well here: First, he links to LinkedIn’s company website, career site, blog, AND Twitter feed. As a recruiter, you should link to every place a candidate can go to find out more about your company and careers there. Second, Harry uses his Summary section like an elevator pitch for any would-be-candidate. And finally, Lindsat takes advantage of the applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile. You’ll see that she’s incorporated LinkedIn’s corporate blog via our WordPress app. We’ve seen other recruiters embed presentations, polls, Twitter feeds, and sponsored events to provide more color around what it’s like to work at their companies.
  • Use your LinkedIn status update as you would a targeted, business edition of Twitter. You can even selectively synchronize the two from LinkedIn.com or from Twitter.com. Your status updates are a fantastic opportunity to share information virally. You can:- Advertise open jobs at your company and ask your network to pass on leads- Share tips on job seeking to position yourself as an expertPost exciting updates about your company and highlight what it’s like to work there(as you’ll see on the slide, here’s Brendan again, sharing news and updates about LinkedIn, as well as jobs we have open right now.) 
  • Insights based on industry giving you content and data for you to use as a great source for business intelligence.
  • LinkedIn is working wherever their members are. They are continuing to invest in MOBILE solutions, whether it’s for smart phones, tablets, or applications. They’ve seen a sharp increase in mobile usage: now over 23% of weekly visits to LinkedIn are through mobile devices, up from 10% one year ago.
  • The blog contains updates and information on new products and services that are being launched.
  • [Note: Important to get the client’s agreement up front that passive candidate recruiting is a key to success]Because LinkedIn is a professional network, it’s home to both passive and active job seekers Getting passive candidate sourcing right is critical to achieving your recruiting goalsMany of today’s best candidates are not looking for a jobHowever Recruiting passive candidates requires a very different approach from recruiting active candidates.While active candidates frequent job boards and seek out many opportunities, passive candidates spend their time networking. They’ll listen to opportunities, but only if it’s the right opportunity for them.LinkedIn is the only platform that can help you recruit both passive and active candidates[NOTE: We should not overlook active candidates as a legitimate source of hire. Instead, focus on how LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and the tens of millions of passive candidates that can’t be reached anywhere else]
  • By becoming more strategic and less reactive, companies are able to increase the efficiency of their teams and increase quality of hire. [Link this statement back to the client’s explicit goals & challenges].Remaining status quo won’t help solve the issues we discussed.
  • In order to meet your key TA objectives [reference their specific objectives, which you should have already uncovered during discovery], we should first take a look at the evolution of recruiting and where your organization is today. Companies are evolving away from the traditional recruiting model and putting a few foundational elements in place to become more efficient and strategic. In doing so, they’re developing sourcing expertise in-house, using automation to personalize their job opportunities, ensuring the right talent brand is in front of the right individuals and arming their recruiters with access to the right talent pools. (Note: From bottom to top, each row in the framework represents a recruiting capability):SOURCING: From agency reliance  to developing in-house sourcing and pipelining expertiseJOBS: From post-and-pray  to targeted & personalized job matchingBRAND: From no consideration of talent brand  to developing an employer branding strategyMETRICS: From no metrics established  to using talent data to improve recruiting effectiveness and ultimately shape business strategyWhere do you think you are in this evolution? [Have a conversation with the client and calibrate where they think they are in this process vs. what you think and come to a mutual agreement. Anchor them so that you can create a vision of where they can go next.]:Many clients will start at the “Developing” stageThe LinkedIn Core Solution helps get them to “Foundational.” This is a necessary first step.Clients already using the LinkedIn Core products can then think about more advanced strategies to get to the “Strategic” stage in the longer term (e.g., through Student recruiting, Campaign media, Branding Accelerator, Followers, etc).
  • Implementing this core strategy will help you solve the challenges we discussed earlier.There are three key things companies do to dramatically increase their hiring effectiveness on LinkedIn.The first is proactive sourcing—using LinkedIn to find and engage the very best passive talent. Recruiter is the best sourcing tool out there, and recruiting teams are using Talent Pipeline features to become more proactive in managing pipelines of talent. Since organizations typically don’t have the bandwidth to source every hire proactively, it’s critical to be able to engage talent automatically to scale your recruiting efforts. The second element of the solution is personalized job targeting. Since we know that your target talent is on LinkedIn, we first need to ensure that all your professional roles are on the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn’s matching algorithm will serve up the right job to the right candidate, to ensure that only qualified candidates will be exposed to your open opportunities.The third element is developing a talent brand on LinkedIn. Companies are tapping into their employees’ networks and leveraging company pages to promote their brand and attract talent.These aren’t three independent pillars, but rather three elements of a single solution that reinforce one another.When companies post all professional jobs on LinkedIn, these jobs make their employer branding content more relevant for each candidate. Likewise, communicating a rich talent brand and leveraging employee profiles to connect with candidates creates a more compelling reason for candidates to apply to your job postings. Finally, when candidates understand what opportunities are available and have encountered your employer brand, they’re much more likely to respond to outreach from your recruiters, which makes your team’s proactive sourcing efforts more effective.By adopting this holistic strategy, organizations hire more of the right candidates for their roles.
  • Engagement on LinkedIn begins with posting all of your jobs.LinkedIn’s job matching algorithm ensures that your jobs get in front of relevant candidates, both passive and active. It’s important to represent all of your professional roles on LinkedIn. If certain jobs aren’t on LinkedIn, your target audience won’t know that there is a job for them at your company. LinkedIn’s matching algorithms are so effective in reaching passive talent, that over 50% of applicants come from job recommendations.
  • Each time Erica logs into LinkedIn, the first thing she sees is relevant jobs in the Jobs You May Be Interested In module right on the home page, and in her Network Update StreamBy putting all or most of your professional jobs on LinkedIn, you can ensure that all types of professionals you’re trying to hire see opportunities relevant to them.
  • Note: Can be removed from deck if need to streamlineOur ability to reach passive candidates is a defining factor of the LinkedIn jobs network.But there are also high quality active candidates on LinkedIn. Our intelligent job matching also helps your jobs reach active candidates more effectively. Members who search for jobs receive highly personalized job recommendations directly to their email inboxes.
  • Another way to engage Erica is when she networks with your employeesThe most common activity we see on LinkedIn is viewing other members’ profiles.### professionals view the profile pages of your employees every month [Note: This excludes employees viewing each other’s profiles]When they come to your employees’ profile pages today, this is what they see:Information about the person’s own background, and A Delta adThey aren’t learning about what it’s like to work at your company or what opportunities are available for themThese viewers are interacting with your employees, but you’re missing an opportunity to engage with them
  • As talent networks with your employees, help them learn about your company and the career opportunities you have for them. Engage them as they gain exposure to you as an employer.
  • [NOTE: Remove slide if customer has already bought a LinkedIn Career Page]Another common thing members do on LinkedIn is research companies. ### professionals visit your company page each month. They may come from an employee’s profile, from a search on LinkedIn, from Google, or from another source.Today, though, they only see basic information about your company, and how they’re connected to your employeesAgain you’re missing an opportunity to truly engage them.[Note: This excludes employees viewing their own company’s page]
  • You can also engage talent when they research your company on LinkedIn. Over #### professionals are already visiting your company page every month. A career page on LinkedIn is your chance to impart a clear branding message about what your company is like and what sets you apart as an employer. Erica also sees jobs that are relevant for her background. Those career opportunities coupled with a strong employer branding message on your career page can leave a powerful impression on the potential candidates for your roles.
  • Once you’ve laid the foundation with your jobs and talent brand, LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to search for and engage with the exact talent that you needThere are huge benefits to putting your full team on the platform.By giving everyone on your team access to the best in class sourcing tool, you empowering every recruiter to perform at the level of your top sourcersTalent Pipeline functionality gives your full team access to your pipeline in one placeCollaboration tools ensure that the best candidates are visible to the full team, and outreach is managed efficiently for all rolesWorking from a single platform allows you to both source more effectively and develop a pipeline of talent before reqs come open.
  • The power of the LinkedIn Core Solution is in how each element supports the others. Your branding and targeted job postings make candidates more likely to respond to your recruiters, making your sourcing efforts much more effectiveLikewise, your jobs and employee profile pages become powerful channels for candidates to discover and learn about your talent brand through your Career PageCompanies who adopt the Core Solution hire 75% more candidates through LinkedIn than companies with Jobs and Recruiter aloneData methodology:Respond to Recruiters: A member that’s: (1) Viewed a job, (2) Viewed a company page, and (3) Followed a company is 2x as likely to respond to an InMail than a candidate who has not. (A candidate who’s done only 1 of these things is 50% more likely to respond than a candidate who has not)Career Page visitors: LCP customers who (1) Add WWU and (2) Increase their job slots by 50%+ see a 2x increase in Career Page traffic
  • Sum up everything the client has learned. They should walk away thinking:1. I need to put 100% of my professional jobs on LinkedIn2. I need to invest in the solution, including Work With Us and the LinkedIn Career Page3. I need to equip my whole sourcing team with LinkedIn Recruiter seats
  • "New Era in Recruiting Talents for Company"

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    2. 2. TALENT SOLUTIONS Phil Mogilev Enterprise Account Executive LinkedIn ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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    4. 4. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn: A global pool of talent 4 Europe, Middle East and Africa: 50M+ North America: 80M+ Asia Pacific: 37M+Latin America and Caribbean: 20M+ 225M+ Members worldwide 170 M+ Monthly unique visitors +2 new Members per second Monthly uniques source:Comscore ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 4
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    8. 8. TALENT SOLUTIONS Managing your LinkedIn Profile: Get endorsed and recommended by candidates you have placed  They will be able to speak first hand of how you supported their job search  You only need a few to establish credibility  It is best to get a variety and make sure they address different points
    9. 9. TALENT SOLUTIONS Groups Help you identify the experts and become an expert
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    19. 19. TALENT SOLUTIONS Resources http://www.linkedinlabs.com/
    20. 20. TALENT SOLUTIONS Changing the way companies work. Market. Sell. Recruit.
    21. 21. TALENT SOLUTIONS 80% of professionals today are passive candidates Active Candidates Work on their job search - Search job boards - Seek out many opportunities Passive Candidates Work on doing their jobs better - Develop networks - Only listen to the right opportunities ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 21 20% Active 80% Passive 225m+ Members worldwide
    22. 22. TALENT SOLUTIONS Talent Acquisition is becoming more strategic as organizations learn how to engage passive talent Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process Reactive: High cost Labor-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional 22
    23. 23. TALENT SOLUTIONS This evolution is driven by improvements to the core components of Talent Acquisition strategy 23 Agency reliance, Reactive Sourcing excellence, team-wide pipelining Internal and external talent engagement Post-and-pray Targeted engagement Engage everywhere, including mobile Employees as talent brand ambassadors Success metrics World class marketing of talent brand Talent data guides business strategy Developing Foundational Strategic Early emphasis on passive talent Job board and social recruiting Defined Employer Value Proposition Traditional Segment-specific campaigns SourcingJobsBrandMetrics
    24. 24. TALENT SOLUTIONS Three core components work together to drive recruiting effectiveness Proactive Sourcing Automated Engagement Strategic Sourcing and Pipelining Metrics and Analytics Personalized Job Targeting Talent Brand Development 24
    25. 25. TALENT SOLUTIONS Target every candidate with the right jobs automatically Amazon Sr. Java Engineer Java Engineer JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN Product Marketing Director Gap Inc. Expedia, Inc. Product Marketing Manager JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN Expedia, Inc. JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN More applicants on LinkedIn find jobs through automated recommendations than search Bank of America Expedia, Inc. Software Engineer Software Engineer 25
    26. 26. TALENT SOLUTIONS Job targeting begins right on the homepage ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 26 Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer Expedia, Inc. Software Engineer Software Engineer Juniper Networks LiveOps Software Engineer Senior
    27. 27. TALENT SOLUTIONS Reach candidates with personalized jobs on mobile Job you may be interested in: Engineer Expedia ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 27 Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer
    28. 28. TALENT SOLUTIONS What do candidates see when they visit your employees’ profiles? ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 28 Note: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profiles Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer
    29. 29. TALENT SOLUTIONS Engage them in the right context ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 29 Note: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profiles Megan Jain g atSoftware Engineer at Expedia Expedia, Inc. Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer
    30. 30. TALENT SOLUTIONS Note: company page viewers reflect unique members visiting your company page ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 30 When candidates research your company today, they miss your talent brand Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer
    31. 31. TALENT SOLUTIONS Join the team that is transforming the future. We are passionate about what we do. Companies Home | Expedia, Inc. Jobs at Ariel Hsiao Amazon ABOUT Watch the video for a peek into the fast-paced world at our headquarters. Every day, our employees are working on exciting projects that make a real difference for our customers. Plus, we’re really excited to show off our newly remodeled office space! Check out the links below for more about us: Our Career Site ► Expedia, Inc. 46767 followers Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. Software Engineer Todd Logan VP of Finance Emily Meinhardt Account Executive Hillary Carroll Manager of Operations Software Engineer Software Engineer Software Engineer Director of Engineering Director of Engineering Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer Careers Engage them with your branding and targeted jobs ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 31 Megan Jain Your ideal passive candidate Software Engineer Promoting on employee profiles can increase Career Page visitors by up to 66%
    32. 32. TALENT SOLUTIONS 46767 followers 46767 followers Veteran MobileTop Performer Find and Engage the world’s best passive talent Expand your reach to Access the full network Added to project Met her. Ready to move in 6 months. Follow up in Oct. Software Engineer Software Engineer Megan Jain at Acme Systems San Francisco Bay Area I Internet I via Networking Software Engineer 32 Engage candidates directly with InMail Manage your pipeline of talent
    33. 33. TALENT SOLUTIONS The LinkedIn Core Solution creates a virtuous cycle Candidates who have engaged with your jobs and brand are 2x as likely to respond to your recruiters Strategic Sourcing and Pipelining Metrics and Analytics Personalized Job Targeting Talent Brand Development 33 Companies who adopt this strategy hire 75% more candidates through LinkedIn than companies with Jobs and Recruiter alone
    34. 34. TALENT SOLUTIONS 3 things our most effective clients do 1. Scale hiring for all professional roles 2. Own the full candidate experience on LinkedIn 3. Use Recruiter to find the best candidates ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 34
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