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On Requirements Management (Demotivate Them Right)

ProductFest; 9 Dec 2019; Moscow, Russia

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On Requirements Management (Demotivate Them Right)

  1. 1. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 1 Демотивируй! Правильно!
  2. 2. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 2 @yb191209 @yegor256 I have a question…
  3. 3. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 3 St.Petersburg
 23 September 2019
  4. 4. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 4 Customer (с) & Programmers
  5. 5. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 5 System Analyst Product Manager?
  6. 6. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 6 IEEE 29148-2018: each requirement must be necessary, implementation free, unambiguous, consistent, complete, singular, feasible, traceable, verifiable. IEEE 830-1998
  7. 7. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 7 I believe that multiple versions of the API must be supported. What options do we have? I’d suggest we go with versioned URLs. Feel free to post your thoughts here. 1
  8. 8. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 8 User can download a PDF report that includes a full list of transactions. Each transaction has ID, date, description, account, and full amount. The report also contains a summary and a link to the user account. 2
  9. 9. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 9 Credit card numbers must be encrypted. The app should launch fast. Each web page must open instantly. User interface must be responsive. 3
  10. 10. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 10 User authenticates via Facebook login button and we store username, avatar, and email in the database. 4
  11. 11. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 11 PDF report is generated when required. It is possible to download a report or save it in the account. 5
  12. 12. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 12 Our primary concern is performance and an attractive user interface. 6
  13. 13. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 13 The API will support JSON and XML. Both formats must fully support all data items. XML needs to be validated by XSD schema. 7
  14. 14. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 14 UUID is set incrementally to make sure there are no two accounts with the same number. 8
  15. 15. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 15 Karl Wiegers
  16. 16. /16@yegor256 @yb191209 16 @yegor256