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How Do You Know When Your Product is Ready to be Shipped?



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How Do You Know When Your Product is Ready to be Shipped?

  1. 1. /16@yegor256 1 Test Exit Criteria Yegor Bugayenko
  2. 2. /16@yegor256 2 “…to verify that the software product is fit for use, meets the requirements, performs its functions within an acceptable time, is sufficiently usable…” Wikipedia mistake #1
  3. 3. /16@yegor256 3 “Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors” —Glenford Myers
 “The Art of Software Testing”
  4. 4. /16@yegor256 4 “A good software doesn’t have bugs” mistake #2 —Captain Obvious
  5. 5. /16@yegor256 5 "You cannot test a program to guarantee that it is error free” —Glenford Myers
 “The Art of Software Testing” "It is impractical, often impossible, to find all the errors in a program"
  6. 6. /16@yegor256 6 When do we stop? exit criteriadeploy
  7. 7. /16@yegor256 7 1: All scripts pass motive
  8. 8. /16@yegor256 8 2: Time is over goal
  9. 9. /16@yegor256 9 3: Money is over goal
  10. 10. /16@yegor256 10 4: Bug targets reached
  11. 11. /16@yegor256 11 "Since the goal of testing is to find errors, why not make the completion criterion the detection of some predefined number of errors?" —Glenford Myers
 “The Art of Software Testing”
  12. 12. /16@yegor256 12 "Software is released for use, not when it is known to be correct, but when the rate of discovering errors slows down to one that management considers acceptable" —David West
 “Object Thinking”
  13. 13. /16@yegor256 13 Bug is good?! Q#1
  14. 14. /16@yegor256 14 How to motivate? Q#2 per bug
  15. 15. /16@yegor256 15 How to predict? Q#3 LoChoursintent
  16. 16. /16@yegor256 16