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Continuous Integration is Dead


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30-minutes presentation at DevOpsDays Warsaw, 25 November, 2105

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Continuous Integration is Dead

  1. 1. Continuous Integration
 is Dead Yegor Bugayenko
 CTO @
  2. 2. master #45 #14 CI
 server Broken Clean
  3. 3. “Crucially, if the build fails, the development team stops whatever they are doing and fixes the problem immediately” Jez Humble, p.55
  4. 4. Who Needs This? CEO architect author developers product
  5. 5. Option #1: Ignore it
  6. 6. Option #2: Enforce it 1.blame 2.fear 3.long branches 4.throw-away 5.losses
  7. 7. master #45 #14 CI
 server Clean pre-flight bot Pre-Flight Builds
  8. 8. Master is read-only Only pull requests
  9. 9. 1. 95% builds are green 2. No fear of breaking master 3. No blame, no stress 4. Quick and small branches
  10. 10. What do you think? BTW, it’s a good moment to follow me: @yegor256 and check my blog: