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Are You Sure You Are Not a Micromanager?

TeamLead Conf; 23 Sep 2019; St. Petersburg, Russia

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Are You Sure You Are Not a Micromanager?

  1. 1. Вы уверены, что Вы не микро-менеджер? Егор Бугаенко
  2. 2. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 2 @yb190923 @yegor256 I have a question…
  3. 3. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 3 Warning!
  4. 4. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 4 One of you worst performers calls you: “May I work from home today?”1 a) Of course not! b) Yes, but you have to promise me… c) Sure, why do you ask?
  5. 5. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 5 You notice that a programmer is watching YouTube while the deadline is approaching. You… 2 a) Ask him “What are you doing?” b) Talk to him later c) Join him
  6. 6. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 6 You call a meeting but a designer says that she has no time for it now and won’t attend. You say: 3 a) “You have to attend anyway” b) “We will discuss your attitude later” c) “How about $50?”
  7. 7. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 7 A new programmer misses two important deadlines in a row without any good reason. What do you do? 4 a) Ask for more frequent reports b) Fire her c) Give her a raise
  8. 8. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 8 You find out that your programmer works on something another team asked her to do. What do you do? 5 a) Ask her to stop immediately b) Find out what is it she is doing c) Ask their PM to teach you mgmt
  9. 9. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 9 A DevOps engineer complains that his salary is smaller that what programmers are getting. What do you do? 6 a) Promise him a raise b) Give him a raise c) Suggest him to become a programmer
  10. 10. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 10 1b, 2a, 3b, 4a, 5b, 6a 4 1 0 1a, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5a, 6b 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c
  11. 11. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 11 You are a micromanager
 if your score is…
  12. 12. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 12 Here is the recipe: Micromanagement
  13. 13. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 13 This is what I want:
  14. 14. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 14
  15. 15. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 15
  16. 16. /16@yegor256 @yb190923 16 @yegor256