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Locating case law westlaw


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Locating case law using Westlaw International

Published in: Law
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Locating case law westlaw

  1. 1. Locating Case LawLocating Case Law (Westlaw)(Westlaw)
  2. 2. CoverageCoverage  Primary jurisdictions:Primary jurisdictions:  United States (primary)United States (primary)  AustraliaAustralia  United KingdomUnited Kingdom  CanadaCanada  EUEU  KoreaKorea  Hong KongHong Kong
  3. 3. ExampleExample Central London Property Trust Limited v. High Trees House Limited.
  4. 4. Searching for UK casesSearching for UK cases For non-US cases go to the International Materials tab
  5. 5. Basic SearchBasic Search You can use either Boolean or plain text in the box
  6. 6. Basic SearchBasic Search You can either search by the type of content or the Jurisdiction
  7. 7. Advanced SearchAdvanced Search Fill in the fields as shown, you can choose to search by terms or document fields.
  8. 8. Advanced SearchAdvanced Search Note: Document fields vary when choosing a jurisdiction
  9. 9. Filtering Search ResultsFiltering Search Results To narrow your current results you can either change the search filters or search within the results
  10. 10. Result PageResult Page
  11. 11. Result PageResult Page Return to the result list Jump to your search terms Go to next case in results
  12. 12. Result PageResult Page Change font options Search for word of phrase Jump to specific page Save/Download
  13. 13. Result PageResult Page Case analysis: contains summary, case digest information, all citations, cases referred to, case status, etc. Citation Download court admissible document
  14. 14. Case AnalysisCase Analysis Contains: case treatment (how it is treated it in other cases), other citations, articles that refer this case, abstract and a list of cases that it cites.