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TSL3143 Topic 5a Curriculum and the Teacher


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Curriculum Studies course content

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TSL3143 Topic 5a Curriculum and the Teacher

  1. 1. CURRICULUM AND THE TEACHER L E C T U R E R : Y E E B E E C H O O I P G K T H O Topic 5a TSL 3143
  2. 2. ROLE OF TEACHER IN CURRICULUM Practitioner Researcher Analyst Decision- maker
  3. 3. PRACTITIONER • The teacher is a professional is an educator and a practitioner in knowledge and skills. • The practitioner understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline he teaches and creates learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students.
  4. 4. RESEARCHER • Teacher as a researcher involves the commitment to systematic questioning of one’s own teaching as a basis for development. • Teacher plays a role in investigating pedagogical problems through inquiry. • According to Dewey (1929) teacher’s investigations not only lead to knowledge about the school but also led to good teaching.
  5. 5. ANALYST • The role of the teacher as a social agent is an important part of the learning process. • The teaching/learning process is basically and essentially an interaction between teacher and students. • The teacher is often a motivator for pupils, encouraging or reproving them as appropriate.
  6. 6. DECISION-MAKER • A teacher needs to be an agent of change to develop his/her own professional learning which has encompassed strategies and interpersonal skills essential for managing change within the school. • The teacher structures and manages the learning environment. • All decisions and actions required to maintain order in the classroom, such as laying down rules and procedures for learning activities.
  7. 7. TUTORIAL 5A • Make a list of different teaching approaches and different teaching materials used in the classroom. • Drawing on your school experience, analyse and review the preparation an English Language teacher has to make before, during and after class.