Poem 'Rain' by Muhammad Haji Salleh


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It portrays the theme of hope of people for the rain to come so that their crops will grow especially during droughts. They have been praying very hard and finally God answers their prayers.

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Poem 'Rain' by Muhammad Haji Salleh

  1. 1. By Muhammad Haji Salleh
  2. 2. Name Muhammad Haji Salleh Date of Birth 26 March 1942 Place of Birth Taiping, Perak Education Obtained Ph. D. in Comparative Literature in 1973 at universities of Singapore, Malaya and Michigan, USA, Current Post Professor of Literature at the Science University of Malaysia
  3. 3. Name Muhammad Haji Salleh Awards ASEAN Literary Award (1977), Malaysian National Literary Award (1991), S.E.A. Write Award (1997), MASTERA Award (2002) Published works more than 10 collections of poetry: Time and its People (1978), Beyond the Archipelago (1994), Rowing Down Two Rivers (2000)
  4. 4. suddenly they came, the mid-year padi rains, falling slanted among the dried lalang and into the branch-drains of the brown canals; the big regular drops falling at their own rhythm became the overwhelming sound of an insistent tempo.
  5. 5. it woke up the child in the sarong cradle and the old resting father. water has come. he looked out into the sheet of rain descending along the atap eaves. the rivulets carried the flattened straw and the dust of the drought, in their dark grey flowing threads slithering to the depressions in the ground. Poem: Rain (stanza 2)
  6. 6. Poem: Rain (stanza 3) thin dry ducks quacked splashed by the strange rain and chickens ran from under the trees.
  7. 7. Poem: Rain (stanza 4) it was the beginning of an answer, pak usin’s dark skinned muscles quivered. rain slapped the leaves and bent the young coconuts, shook the drought of its death-dust and swept the remains of harvest rubbish.
  8. 8. for this season they collected hopes again, carried them under cover from the heat to this day, the rain fell and wetted their praying throats.
  9. 9. 1. Nature -dependence of man on nature for survival. -highlight the importance of nature to human beings, thus, it indicate the power of nature as source of living.
  10. 10. Theme 2. Hope -rain is the hope of the people who needs water for their crops during drought.The people are desperate and pray for rain to fall.
  11. 11. Compare and contrast two poems on similar themes using i-think maps.
  12. 12. Write a short paragraph to express relevance of poem to environment/ lives/ world