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  1. 1. By reading this you will learn lost of stuff on the rainforest
  2. 2. Animals in the rainforest The golden lion monkey ,squirrel monkey, the capuchin monkey wooly monkey, brown howler monkey, spider monkey and plenty more. Humming birds ,leaf cutter ants ,green tree frogs bills (toucans)boa, black caterpillar ,spotted tiger beetle, jaguar ,devil worm sleeping blue moth, postman butterfly …
  3. 3. Were there foundRain forests are found severalplaces around Australia:Queensland at the Daintreenational park Tasmania mount fieldnational park Victoria Strzeleckiranges ,new south wales Florencefalls Lichfield national parknorthern territory
  4. 4. The temperature• The temperature in the rain forest is average but when theres 250cm of rain a year WOW!!• Did you know that when it rains all the water lands on the leaves and plant E.C.T. and never lands on the ground AMAZING!!• In the summer the temperature is usually around 20 to 22 degrease
  5. 5. Fern Fiddlehead fern Something you use for a hut Carnivorous Wild mushrooms
  6. 6. The food chain Snake frog cricket This is an example on how q food chain works.. Jaguar coconut MonkeyJaguarpython Banana tree Fruit bat
  7. 7. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE RAINFOREST• Did you know that giant bamboo can grow 9 inches a day Also the trees of the tropical rainforest are so densely packed that rain falling on the canopy can take up to 10 minutes to reach the ground In the most rainforests of south africa ,sloths move so slowly that the algae are able to grow in there fur 80 % of the plants in Australians rainforest are found no were else in the world
  8. 8. Toucans One male toucan can grow as large as 1.5 feet in length. But the female is smaller andit grows up to 7 inches and weighs 400 poundsToucans like fruit and seeds but they will also eat small insects, animals and reptiles.toucan live in the tree tops around lowland rainforests, when they nest toucans live inhollow wholes in treesToucans get there name from tucano given to them from the Tupi Indians of brazil.The Toco toucan have one of he biggest bills out of the toucan. The Toco is mainly blackwith white on there throat and upper breast.There bill is crimson, fading greenish and yellow an believe it or not the bill is half thesize of there body WOW!!!The toco isnt the only type of toucans there are over 34 different types of toucansCOOL …
  9. 9. Toucans bath themselves in pools of rain water in hollowtrees. DIETtheir diet is mainly on fruit but also includes insectsoccasional lizards eggs and nestling small birds.Fortunately toucans are not endangered or extinct 
  10. 10. How we can save the rainforest from getting demolishedRainforests are getting cut down very quickly and I think that we canhelp….By saving the rainforest we can also save all animals In a big way...If you would like to help maybe try joining a club and supporting therainforests and animals so look it up an become a supporter This is what our rainforests could look like if we don’t help
  11. 11. THANKYOU….Thankyou for watching my slide show and I hopeyou have learned new stuff about the rainforestand toucans from Sophie 
  12. 12. Web sites I used••••• Also includes …•