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Seth Desert R8


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This is a awesome slide show about the desert biome

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Seth Desert R8

  1. 1. By Seth Free digital photos
  2. 2. A desert climate , is a climate thatis not able to be called as a polarclimate, and rainfall is too low tomaintain any plant life at all, or at most a very small shrub . Free digital photos The hottest desert climate ever recorded was 57.8 C. The coldest desert climate -36.5 C and the coldest desert is Antarctica
  3. 3. The plants in the Desert habitat area have changed to its hottemperatures by changing the way they look and act. Plants thathave adapted by changing their looks are called xerophytes.Xerophytes, such as cacti, usually have special ways of storingwater. They often have hardly any leaves, which reduces waterloss. Phraetophytes are plants that have adapted to living in thedesert by growing very long roots, letting them to get their waterdeep in the ground. Perennials (plants which live for years) andannuals (plants which live one season) also have changed theway they act. The perennials survive by staying inactive duringthe dry periods and come to life when water is available.Annuals develop after heavy rain and complete theirreproductive cycle quickly. They bloom for a few weeks inspring. Their seeds remain dormant in the soil until the nextyear’s rain.
  4. 4. Addax California Quail ScorpionsCactus Wren Horned Toad Kangaroo RatDesert Lark Desert Bighorn Sheep Ground SquirrelDingo Pronghorn Burrowing OwlFat Sand Rat Chuckwalla HawkFennec Fox Mule Deer Elf OwlGila Monster White-tailed Deer Kit FoxGreat Jerboa BobcatsCoyotes TarantulaRoadrunners Golden EagleDiamondback Rattlesnake JavalinaGarter Snake Mountain Lions Free digital photos