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Mick R8


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Published in: Technology
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Mick R8

  1. 1. Hottest biome onearth
  2. 2. Did you know thatthe deserts hottest Did youday was 58 -60 know thatand the coldest the desertnight was -36 c? covers 20% of the earth? Did you know that most animals in the desert come out at night because it is to hot to come out at day?
  3. 3. The common nameSidewinder is an illusion to itsunusual way of getting around.Its body moves across thesand in a side ward motionleaving a J like Patten in thesand. Sidewinding is also aprimary way of moving. TheSidewinder snake is avenomous snake but is weakto other rattle snakes.
  4. 4. A Camel does notstore water in theirhumps. Camelshumps are just fattytissue. The Scientificname for a camel isgenus Camelus. Didyou know that camelsdid not have humpsthey evolved over theyears.
  5. 5. The hairy scorpion isvenomous to preysuch as insects butthey are notdangerous tohumans unless youare allergic. They are8-9 different types ofhairy scorpions. Andcan grow to about14-15 cm long.
  6. 6. A desert flora copes in the desert byadaptation to the temperature of the desertby using both physical and behavirolmechanisms.The saguaro cactus. has a waxy skin and iscovered in about two inch spines which arelocated on the trees vertical spines. In May andJune the cactus grows a creamy white flowerswith a yellow centers that measure up to aboutthree inches.
  7. 7. Here are a few Saharadeserts. desert in The Thar Africa. desert in India.Gobi desertin Asia. Sonoran desert in Mexico.