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Marine - David


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Marine - David

  1. 1. The average temputure is 38f and that’s thesame as 4c.The sun warms the top of the water but deepdown it’s dark and cold.The marine climate affects us to.Tropical marine climate produces heavyconvectional rain fall and heavy storms.The Artic is the smallest but coldest ocean inthe world.The hottest ocean is the Pacific.
  2. 2. Most of the world is covered by sea andocean.The ocean ranges from Australia all theway to America. The ocean is the biggest part of the world.Different oceans and seas are: Pacific,Atlantic, Indian, South west, north west andartic.
  3. 3. Plants in the marine are Sea Grass, Coral,Sea Weed.There are different types of Coral and SeaWeed.Sea Grass is green, Coral and Sea Weedare all different colours.
  4. 4. Different plants are: kelp, Sea Weed, SeaGrass, Red Algae, Coralline Algae, Coraland Alga.
  5. 5. Algae is a green sticky slimy liquid.Algae sticks to rocks and changes thecolour of water.
  6. 6. There are a lot of animals in the marine.Animals such as fish are known well butanimals like a Dugong are not. Somemarine animals breathe gases and toxicliquids.99% of the earths animals are in the marinebiome.There are 1.5 million marine species thatare unknown to man kind. We only havediscovered 20% of marine species.
  7. 7. Dugong is also known as a sea cow.The Dugong eats sea grass mostly.Dugongs even eat the roots of the plant. Adugong is a herbivoreDugongs live by them selves in warmwaters around northern Australia.
  8. 8. Everyone says that Sharks are dangerousbut they don’t kill as many people asAlligators and coyotes do.The Shark can eat rotten Turtle shells andfish.The Shark can damage boats too.The Shark kills about 67 people a year.Sharks live anywhere and there is a sharkcalled a bull shark that can live in fresh andsalt water
  9. 9. Food chain
  10. 10. 79% of the world is covered by ocean.Its unknown how many species are in theocean. We only know 25% of marine species.
  11. 11. There is 1.5 million marine species unknownto man kind.The tropical marine climate courses heavyconvectional storms and rainfall.There is different types of sea weed andthey are: konbu, nori, wakame and hijiki.
  12. 12. There is a animal that lives in the Antarcticwaters called a sea spider.There is over 200,000 types of animals in theocean.
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