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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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  1. 1. Depending on what kind of parrot your lookingat, whether it is a Macaw or just a pet parrot that will talk, they are usually bright and colourful animals. They vary in colours from red, yellow, green or blue!
  2. 2. From a cage in your backyard, to the greatrainforests of the world, you will find a Parrot!They mostly live in tropical rainforests though. Parrots migrate a lot, so if you were to see aparrot in one spot, it probably won’t be there in a few minutes!
  3. 3. - Parrots are one of the most colourful animals in the world! - Parrots are actually very intelligent animals.- A parrot’s appetite includes nuts, seeds, buds and other plant materials
  4. 4. - There are about 250 different species of parrots in the world!- A parrots lifespan is usually about 80 years. - The two families of parrots are the Psittacidae ( true parrots) and the Cacatuidae ( cockatoos)! - The scientific name for a Parrot is Ardea Cinerea!
  5. 5. Apex Predators Tertiary ConsumersSecondary Consumers Primary ConsumersProducers
  6. 6. A Parrots major effect is of course Deforestation ( Where a forest gets cut downor something else happens). Some other majoreffects on Parrots are being sent to captivity to be used as pets! Like all animals in the forest or other biomes, predators are a big effect on Parrots!
  7. 7. Parrots have been famous for a long time, featuring in nearly all Pirate movies like Pirates Of TheCaribbean or just plain old movies with pirates in it!They usually feature on the pirates shoulder or just fly free!
  8. 8. All up a parrot is a wonderful and interestinganimal of the world. Their colours stand out whilst their intelligence blows you away. Icertainly enjoyed learning all the wonders of the parrot and I hope you do to!