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This is an awesome slideshow on... MARINE!!!

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Blair R8

  1. 1. By Blair
  2. 2. The location of the marine isbasically all around theworld but there are certainplaces of the ocean:Indian ocean,Arctic ocean,North Atlantic ocean,South Atlantic ocean,Southern ocean,North Pacific ocean,South Pacific ocean,
  3. 3. Weather The wind on the water is 17kt near the land and 36kt in the PELAGIC zone. But every day it does change, it normally changes to 13kt near the land and 32kt in the pelagic zone again. At night it goes down 10kt so that means every night it is 7kt at land and 22kt in the pelagic zone
  4. 4. The ocean contains 70% earthssurface.Life in the sea began 3.1billionyears ago. The land dwellersappeared 400 million years ago.The first proper fish ever alive iscalled a Coelacanth and scientistsdon’t know, if it is still alive. It isdescribed as the third biggestfish, bigger then a Tuna, smallerthen a shark.The kelp and phytoplanktonmakes about 50% of our oxygenin the whole world.
  5. 5. The marine is divided into four separate zones. Thefirst quarter is called the PELAGIC zone also knownas the open ocean. The second quarter is called theBENTHIC zone known as the deepest part of theocean. The third quarter is called the ABYSSAL zoneknown as the oxygen area it is full of plants so itgives oxygen to the whole ocean. The fourth is theINTERTIDAL zone it is a layer where the land meetsthe ocean.
  6. 6. There are overhundreds of speciesof animals throughout the wholeocean, and there arehundreds of plant aswell.
  7. 7. Plants in the MarineOne plant type thing is a giant Russell clam it holdsthis type of blue plant in side that produces a Perl.Another type of plant is algae its needs are coral andlight it need them two things to survive algae can beeaten by large fish such as tuna, shark and whales.Little fish can also nibble on the algae as well.
  8. 8. Plants in the MarineThe oldest coral in the great barrierreef would be a parities it is thesize of a small room and it is about1,000 years old. It grows 1 cm ayear so it is about ten meters high .
  9. 9. Clown fish have very special scales on themwhich makes it not get eaten by the sea anemone.The Clown fishes name comes from the way itjumps like a clown in the anemone, so it has ahome like a jumping castle.
  10. 10. Puffer fish are widely knownfor its ability to tern itselfinto a can ingest hugeamounts of water to blowup its body.Their belly is elastic so theycan fill their belly and getbigger, with the air or waterthey ingest.They Puffer fish contains atoxic substance calledantidote, that makes themtastes like foul to other fish.
  11. 11. • The leafy sea dragon has clear leaves that can make the sea dragon blend.• The length of a Leafy sea dragons approximately 35 cm.• When they are in deep water they are dark brown and with burgundy red.• When they are in shallow water they are yellow or greenish.
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  13. 13. Thank you, thank you