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Angus R8


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Angus R8

  1. 1. Tundra
  2. 2. CLIMATE / FACTSTundra is one of the five biomes onEarth. The word tundra comes from theFinnish and means treeless land. Thetemperature is normally very cold andaverages -12°c to 6°c.The North Pole is called the Artic Regionand the South Pole is called the AntarcticRegion.
  3. 3. ANIMALS IN THE TUNDRAHere is a list of animals that live in the tundra:Arctic Fox, Killer Whale, Sea Lion, GroundSquirrel, Lemming, Seal, Beluga Whale,Moose, Caribou, Musk Ox, Snowshoe Rabbit,Polar Bear, Walrus, Red Fox, Weasel, GrizzlyBear, Reindeer and Wolverine.
  4. 4. ARCTIC FOXThe Arctic Fox has a white winter coat. Thesummer coat is grey to brown on the back,with lighter fur underneath it. The pads onthe soles of the feet are covered with fur forinsulation. Arctic foxes like to eat smallmammals like birds, bird eggs, lemmings,squirrels and berries.
  5. 5. POLAR BEARDid you know?The polar bear is the only bear that is considered amarine mammal because it depends upon themarine environment for survival.Male polar bears grow up to 10 feet tall and weighsomething like 1400 pounds.Females reach seven feet and weigh 650 ponds
  6. 6. TWO TUNDRASTundra has two variations, Arctic Tundra,found near or north of the Arctic Circle andAlpine Tundra found at various places.Here is a map showing where some of thetundra environment is located:
  7. 7. Food Webs Here is a major food web of the tundra:Polar Arctic BearBear Hare Grass Char (fish) Seaweed Rock PtarmiganGrizzly Bear Bear Berry
  8. 8. PLANTS The tundra has a lot of plants. Some of the plants include bearberry and arctic moss, some interesting ones might include Diamond leaf willow and Labrador Tea. Very few trees are in the tundra
  9. 9. Thanks for Bye for now!Watching.