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Grassland/Savannah info

Published in: Technology, Travel
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  1. 1. GrasslandsAfrican wild dog By Aj
  2. 2. Weather/climateThe grassland biome is dry.Because the biome is dry,trees and vegetation in theland are scarce.
  3. 3. Locations worldwideYou can find the grassland biome justabout anywhere but you can also findthem in: North America, South America,Africa and Australia.
  4. 4. Interesting factsThe soil of this This biome isbiome is less scattered allfertile. around the world.The averagetemperaturesare 61°f and 91°fin the wet.
  5. 5. PlantsGrass: Autumn Bent grass, Bluejoint Reed grass, Red Fescue,Gama Grass, Giant plume grass.Flowers: Mist flower, Seashoremallow, Monkey flower,Common boneset, marshmarigold.Trees: Meadowsweet, Pond pine,Black locust, Service berry, Silkydog wood.
  6. 6. Animals in the grasslands Lion, Kangaroo, Hyena, Tiger, Zebra, Cheetah, Meerkat, Hawk, Rabbit, Giraffe, Falcon.
  7. 7. Food chain African wild dog Thompson’s Zebra gazelle Impala HareSpringbok lechwe Kob If the food source was wiped out then this is Grass what would happen.
  8. 8. Dead!As you saw the grass get wiped out,it would kill the other animals fromhunger, thus wiping out the AfricanWild Dog, along with the otheranimals it eats.
  9. 9. Bye Bye This slide is brought to you by Aj. Peace out!All photo’s