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Resume and Autobiography- Ye Chen, Gan

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Resume and Autobiography- Ye Chen, Gan

  1. 1. Resume Personal information Name : Ye Chen, Gan (Eric) Nationality : Malaysian Language : Mandarin, English, Malay, Taiwanese Current Address : 4F, No. 6-20, Baoli Road, Checheng Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan R.O.C Date of Birth : 1985 July 28 Contact Num. : +886-933590944 (Taiwan mobile) E-mail : Summary  Master Degree in natural sciences (Environmental Science, Biology of freshwater and marine) and related fields (phylogeography).  Project management and environmental investigation of research project, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA), specialize in the aquatic ecology, including the freshwater, marine and intertidal zone.  Perform The Rapid Habitat Ecological Evaluation Protocol (RHEEP), The Standard Operation Procedure for the Ecological Monitoring in Wetlands of Taiwan, and other fauna and flora investigation skills.  Experience in aquatic invertebrate animals keeping and aquarium exhibition inspection. Education  Master of Science, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. 2008-2010  Thesis: Population Genetic Structure of Melanoides tuberculata (Müller, 1774) (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) in Malaysia.  Bachelor of Science, Department of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. 2004-2008  Main thesis: Study of Taxonomy and Distribution of Littorinidae in Taiwan.
  2. 2. Workexperience 1. 2015/03-rencent : Research Assistant- Academia Sinica, Taipei City, Taiwan  Evaluate current and historical impacts of human activities on marine environment around Kenting National Park – pollution and catchment.  Conservation Action Plan of National Important Wetland- Habitat Creation and Conservation Project of Wugoushui Wetland, Year 2015. 2. 2013/01-2015/3 : Research Assistant- National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Exhibition section), Pingtung County, Taiwan  Investigation of cold spring ecological resources of Taiwan 3/3-2/3  Project of the investigation and preservation of waterway of Wugou settlement in Pingtung County.  Survey of fauna and flora of wetland in Kinmen National Park, Year 2013.  Conservation Action Plan of National Important Wetland- Habitat Creation and Conservation Project of Wugoushui Wetland, Year 2014. 3. 2011/03-2012/12 : Research Assistant- Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan  Investigation of cold spring ecological resources of Taiwan 1/3-2/3  Investigation and Identification of exotic aquatic animals in Kaohsiung City  Investigation of The Intertidal Mollusks and Landsnails of Dongsha Atoll National Park.  Investigation of biodiversity of Agongdian River, Kaohsiung City.  Establishment of resources commentary and surveys on the aquatic organismand riparian vegetation in Shuangxi River, Kaohsiung City  Project of conservation valuation and survey on adjacent shoreline and intertidal marine resources of Shoushan National Nature Park, Kaohsiung City.  Terrestrial long-term ecological monitoring project of Kenting National Park (long-term ecological monitoring of Taiwan’s wetlands of Importance- Longluan Lake, Nanren Lake)  Study of impact of dispersal and historical vicariance to the phylogeography of freshwater snails in Asia's wetland. 4. 2010/08-2011/02 : Water Environmental investigation Specialist- Ming-Shiang Ecological Census Consultant Co., Ltd., Taichung City. 5. 2006/07-2008/09 : Adjunct Research Assistant- Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology of Molluscs, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan.  Study of important taxa distribution and ecosystemchanges of the estuaries and coastal wetlands in Taijiang National Park, Tainan City.  Program of ecological surveys and conservation area planning of Ruditapes
  3. 3. variegate in Juguang Township, Lienchiang County, Taiwan.  Study on the marine ecology of Tern refuge protect area in Matsu Islands.  Landscape improvement and demonstration project at Sizihwan, Kaohsiung.  A comparative study of natural and artificial coastal biological community and ecosystems in Taiwan.  Study of Temporal-spatial change of mollusca and benthic macrofauna on the marine coral reef ecosystemof Kenting National Park. 6. 2004/01-2004/08 : Adjunct Faculty- Yong Chang Chinese Primary School, Johor State, Malaysia. 7. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA) projects management (Aquatic Ecology and Resource, Year 2008-2015):  Environmental monitoring and technical services under the construction period to build the wind profile station in Dongsha Atoll National Park, Taiwan. (2015)  EIA of the construction works of the inspection office in the Houbihu for the 14th (Hengchun) and the 63rd Battalion Coast Guard in Kenting National Park, Taiwan. (2015)  EMA of the broaden of the South-Link Highway of Provincial Highway No. 9 (Anshuo to Caopu segment), Taiwan. (2013-2015)  EIA of Environmental Status Differences Analysis and Countermeasures Report of Checheng Hotels, Taiwan. (2013)  EIA of the second phase development area of the first zone of Dan-hai New Town, New Taipei City, Taiwan. (2013)  EIA of the merger plan of new and old Kaiyuan Harbor in Lanyu.(2012)  Ecological survey of key river pollution remediation- Zhuoshui River, Xinhuwei RIver, Beigang River, Love River and Agongdian River, Taiwan. (2012)  EIA of the Application change the overall development plan of Shuitou commercial port in Kinmen, Taiwan. (2012)  EIA of the overall development plan of the latter part in development area of Dan-hai New Town, New Taipei City, Taiwan. (2012)  EIA of Environmental Status Differences Analysis and Countermeasures Report of Checheng Hotels, Taiwan. (2011)  EMA of the Stream ecology in the Fenggang River and Fangshan River, Taiwan. (2011)  EIA of marine ecosystem to build the wind profile station in Dongsha Island, Taiwan. (2010-2012)  EIA of the Leisure Farm in the Dahan Moutain of Chunri Township, Pingtung
  4. 4. County, Taiwan. (2008)  EIA of the coastal environment of the Haikou Village, Checheng Township, Pingtung county, Taiwan. (2008)  EIA of the fish farm's land use change in the Yongan Township, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. (2008) Summary ofQualifications  Driving license  Motor Cycle not exceeding 250 cc  Motor Car unladen weight not exceeding 3500 kg.  PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)  ADVANCED DIVER  ADS (Association of Diving School International)  ADVANCED DIVER  TOEIC- Test of English for International Communication  Blue Certification (850/990 score)  Professional and Technical Personnel in the category of Tour Manager  Foreign-language tour manager (English)  Certified Safety Training Course for Researchers  Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, (Taiwan, ROC)  Geographic Information System GIS  Basic user Publications and education program organize Articles, brochures and books:  Yuh-Wen Chiu, Shih-Hsiung Liang, Bao-Sen Shieh, Da-Ji Huang, Ye-Chen Gan (2015). Introduction to 50 Cold Spring’s Resources of Taiwan. Forestry Bureau, Taiwan. (Book, in print)  Yuh-Wen Chiu (2012). Brochure for Investigation and Identification of exotic aquatic animals in Kaohsiung City. Agriculture Bureau Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan. (As the editor of brochure)  Yuh-Wen Chiu, Yen-Ming Huang, Chun-Yu Su (2011).The Marine Mollusks of Dongsha Atoll National Park, Taiwan. Marine National Park Headquarters. Taiwan. (As the photographer of book)  Hsin-Ju Wu, Chun-Yu Su, Ye Chen Gan , Fang-Ling Yeh, Shih-Hsiung Liang and Yuh-Wen Chiu. 2015. Cassidula (Cassidulta) doliolum (Petit 1843) found in Kinmen, first record from East Asia. JOURNAL OF NATIONAL PARK. 25(1): 81-85  And 2 co-author of journal articles, 3 abstracts and posters of international
  5. 5. conference, 3 full articles and posters of Taiwan's conference, more than 30 short abstracts and posters of Taiwan's conference. Photography works:  Chiu, Y.W., Y.M. Huang and C.Y. Su. 2011. Intertidal Belt Mollusca in Dongsha Atoll National Park. Marine National Park Headquarters. 159pp. (Book)  Chiu, Y.W. 2012. Noah's Ark for aquatic life of Dawu Mountain water aquatic life - cold spring wetland of Wugoushui. Journal of Nature. Society of Wildlife And Nature. 115: 36-41.  Chiu, Y.W. 2012. Molluscs of intertidal in Dongsha Atoll National Park. Journal of Nature. Society of Wildlife And Nature. 114: 12-17.  Chiu, Y.W. and Y.M. Huang. 2012. Manual of river’s resource in communities of Hualien river. 120pp. (Book) Education program organizing:  Education courses of forest stream fish investigation. Year 2009, 2010, 2011. Forestry Bureau, Taiwan.  Ocean Conservation Training Programs for Teachers. 2009. Marine National Park Headquarters, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Extracurricular Activities andHobby  Volunteer and adjunct environmental guide of Takao Hill Association, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. 2012-recent  President and member of Football team of Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. 2004-2010  President and member of Boy Scout of Chinese High School, Johor state, Malaysia. 1998-2004  Expedition (investigation all around Taiwan and many islands coastline), travelling (Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United State of America) and photography.  Running, water sports (diving, snorkeling and swimming) and ball games (football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis etc.)  Reading (science articles, The Big Issue and National Geographic magazine subscriber)  Current salary : RM 4,500/month  Expected salary : RM 3,500 - 4,000/month
  6. 6. Autobiography My name is Ye Chen, Gan (Eric). I'm a Malaysian who lived in Taiwan currently. There are 6 people in my family: my parents worked as education worker in hometown, and my other 3 brothers work and live in New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore individually. Because of studying in Taiwan since 2004 and take part in several different extracurricular activities since I was young, I developed an independent and outgoing personality. In college period, I was not only focused in my study of biomedical science and environment science, I joined the Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology of Molluscs, so I had the chance to go around the Taiwan for field trip of environmental, coastal and river researches and conferences, even be several time of local guide for oversea academics and attended a environmental conference in USA. With the experience in leading a boy scout team, president of soccer team and training in the lab, I handled many education programs organizing easily and enjoy working with different organization, including NGOs and government agencies, and also I took part in many investigation projects under my professor’s supervise. So, I started to work and learn under pressure and independently in university. I moved forward not only as a undergraduate major in science, had my field sampling throughout the Peninsular Malaysia, I also began to take charge in more research and investigation projects when I was undergraduate. Those leadership, program management trainings and academic experiences become my advantaged when I worked as investigator and research assistant. In addition, because of this position and my personal interest, I not only worked as a partnership with local NGOs, but also joined them as volunteer and adjunct environmental education personnel in many activities sometimes. All these experience make me have the ability of good leadership and interpersonal skill. I like to "Think Globally, Act Locally" and a life’s time is not too long to be wasted. I enjoy keep learning new knowledge about the society, environment and new technic, and I also love to work with different people from different specialized field. That is why I want to stay connecting to the world with reading and travelling. With my family background, interests, educations, and experience, I am outgoing, easy to get along with, and very active. So, it is so prefect that I can find a career that I have a passion for is all about obtaining fulfillment. The ideal scenario is one where I find a career that combines what I love to do with I is great at doing.