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What is Yahoo Store Design and Development?


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What is Yahoo! Store, find their features and meet a professional Yahoo Store Developer!

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What is Yahoo Store Design and Development?

  1. 1. What is Yahoo! Store, know their features and meet a professional Yahoo Store Developer! Yahoo! Store Design and Development
  2. 2. Let’s Start With… What is Yahoo! Store? • Store Design • Product Catalog • Shopping Cart and Checkout • Inventory and Order Processing • and More… Essentials eCommerce Features of Yahoo Merchant Solution • Why it’s only Ydeveloper? • Get in Touch Who provides the best Yahoo Store Design and Development Solution?
  3. 3. What is Yahoo! Store? Yahoo Store is a complete e-commerce solution provided and powered by Yahoo! It contains all the necessary elements to build and maintain a powerful e-commerce business. Yahoo provides everything; from a domain name to e-mail marketing and even web analytics support. Yahoo Stores are developed with RTML, which is used to encode and develop your website. It provides easy to use and instantaneous pre-defined templates and layouts, find here, Yahoo! Merchant Solution, official resource,
  4. 4. Store Design Easy site design and building tools Customizable web site designs Support for third-party tools Search Engine Optimization Support Contact Professional Yahoo! Store designer / developer to help build your store
  5. 5. Product Catalog Manage up to 50,000 products for sale Add products using a simple online form Upload an existing product database or spreadsheet Track customized product attributes
  6. 6. Shopping Cart and Checkout Single or multi- page checkout Customizable page layout Set up custom fields for order information Automatically calculate tax and shipping fees Progress indicator to orient customers Gift wrapping options Support for downloadable product purchases
  7. 7. Inventory Management Receive inventory alerts when quantities are low Manage inventory by color, size, and other variables Display inventory availability to customers Integrate with an existing database or real- time inventory system
  8. 8. Order Processing Easy interface to process and track orders View new orders by email or online Automatically email customers to announce order status changes Print invoices and UPS shipping labels Real-time integration with existing order management systems
  9. 9. Marketing Search engine- friendly pages Automatic submission to Yahoo! Search & Google Sitemap to help search engines discover and index your pages quicker. Free Yahoo! Local listing Support for CSS for a custom design
  10. 10. Product Promotion Site search feature Discount pricing Volume pricing Incremental feature pricing (i.e., charge more when a user upgrades a feature, such as adding more memory) XML feeds to shopping directories
  11. 11. Security Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption to shield transactions Configurable credit card verification tools to help flag fraudulent orders IP blocking to help keep out suspect customers Password protection for your site Set access privileges for site administration Extensive data center security
  12. 12. Reliability Consistent 99.9% uptime**** Same infrastructure as the rest of the Yahoo! network Redundant links to Internet backbone for faster access Local and remote site backup Akamai caching so product images load faster Free BSD(Unix) operating system Apache servers
  13. 13. Reports and Statistics 40 reports and graphs to show: Sales Page views Referring sites and keywords Export your reports for extra analysis
  14. 14. Customer Service 24-7 toll-free phone support 24-7 email support Extensive online help
  15. 15. Who provides the best Yahoo Store Design and Development Services? Their packages starting from just $1500! Call us at 888-828-9864 to know more. ( ) Review the work done by their expert Yahoo store developers to distinguish your Yahoo store from others. ( ) Ydeveloper is expert in this field and work closely with the clients to ensure that their Yahoo Store is always easy to managed. Ydeveloper offers Yahoo Store development packages with several brand new functionalities. Ydeveloper helps you set up, design, and personally develop your Yahoo Store.
  16. 16. Get in touch for more info Ydeveloper USA Headquarter: 356 Lincoln Street, Suite #15, Waltham, MA 02451 Toll Free: 888-828-9864 Website: design-and-development.html Request for a free quote now: