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Only God Nose Why Anosmia Poem by Michele Murphy


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One of the the biggest reasons for creating The Girl Who Cant Smell was to connect with other fellow anosmics who know what #anosmialife is all about.
Today’s presentation comes from an email I received from my new friend Michele Murphy aka “Grannywhocantsmell” from Dallas, TX.
Her anosmia poem is so sweet! When I first read it I couldn’t stop smiling! She made me laugh out loud!
Thank you Michele for your awesome submission!
P.S. Have YOU created anything you’d like to share with us? Send me an email:
I’d love to feature your work!

With Love,
Yazz aka The “Girl Who Can’t Smell”

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Only God Nose Why Anosmia Poem by Michele Murphy

  1. 1. Only God Nose Why Anosmia Poem Written By “Grannywhocantsmell” Aka Michele Murphy from Dallas Texas
  2. 2. I finally found a website...about a girl who cannot smell. Now I feel I'm not alone...There's more like me as well.
  3. 3. When you lose one of your senses…It only leaves you four. To know I'll never smell again...just makes me worry more.
  4. 4. I worry 'bout a fire at night...Cuz smoke won't wake me first. And knowing I won't smell it...Just makes it so much worse.
  5. 5. The only good side to it...Is when I stop and think. I may not smell like roses..but I know my shhh! don't stink!!!
  6. 6. Have you created something you'd like to share? Email me: To Be Featured. Thank You “Grannywhocantsmell” for your awesome submission.