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Anosmia Poem By The Girl Who Cant Smell


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I have anosmia, which is the lack of sense of smell. I've written a poem describing what it's like to live with this invisible disability. If you like my presentation, makes sure you share it with all of your friends. Help spread more awareness!

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Anosmia Poem By The Girl Who Cant Smell

  1. 1. An Ode To Anosmia "Whatnobodynose"
  2. 2. An Ode To Anosmia written by Yazmin Salazar aka The "Girl Who Can't Smell" Originally published at
  3. 3. Anosmia means having no sense of smell This may sound confusing to some, but oh well! @girlwhocantsmell
  4. 4. Are you really going to ask if I can taste? ...Excuse me, but why do you think I'm a little overweight? @girlwhocantsmell @girlwhocantsmell
  5. 5. I can’t smell pizza. I can’t smell rain. I don’t think my nose is connected to my brain. @girlwhocantsmell
  6. 6. I can't tell if I stink and this gives me anxiety... Having a "Designated Nose" is my truth and reality. @girlwhocantsmell
  7. 7. I may mistakenly drink milk that’s sour. This is not what I mean when I say anosmia is my superpower. @girlwhocantsmell
  8. 8. I like to say I’m strong, brave and bold But not when it comes to using a gas stove.. @girlwhocantsmell
  9. 9. Are you really going to ask if I can smell your farts? That's such a silly question and not very smart! @girlwhocantsmell
  10. 10. I can’t smell any of your fancy candles But I can do the chores no one else wants to handle. @girlwhocantsmell
  11. 11. I will gladly volunteer to take out the trash Especially if it’s gross and smells really, really bad. @girlwhocantsmell
  12. 12. My biggest aim is to raise awareness Through humor, fun and being creative. @girlwhocantsmell
  13. 13. Anosmia is not something I see as a tragedy... It’s something unique that I’m proud of that’s a part of me. @girlwhocantsmell
  15. 15. Hi!  #anosmia I'm"TheGirlWhoCan'tSmell" CHECK OUT MY BLOG!
  16. 16. Follow Me: THANK YOU! T H E E N D