Poetry final


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A selection of poems by Beata Sochanska

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Poetry final

  1. 1. bratka's o c h a n s k a some things 07/07/10 London
  2. 2. you said it's me... But I think, that you... And you’re gonna leave. And on the other hand I will have only a void And it looks like that: or even worse: (In case you didn’t get the idea
  3. 3. Uwaga, uwaga Attention, attention I am calling for the love of Life! Today I love the smile of my neighbour, I love to breath, I love my own pulsating veins, I love my brother and I love my sister, the grass and the sky, I love to smell, and the earth under my feet I love too, I even love the pain. Attention, attention! Please repeat as follows: Ah, ah, ah feeling delight not like that but with some passion! gupki
  4. 4. Yes, its time to break with those habits hardly, hardly was... I've washed down today with those eyes on the forehead with those its really hard to cope with I'm describing a soothing circle The question is: Is it better to hide it or leave it on the surface? Find me once again a bra cad bra - a black cloak!
  5. 5. Today I'm making an exception. Remember this date. Now, that date I'm typing with my paint brush tu du du du tu du .... the code unknown Today the background is the subject, Today the subject is the background. The cat is sleeping, I'm not The cat is awake, I'm not.
  6. 6. Hello, hello!! I am calling I am jelly I'm laced up They are sending me down, down The blue tunes I am without power now
  7. 7. I'm calming down. like an elephant I'm calm now. there is something behind my shoulders, I'm lulling myself... The Imagination is hugging me from behind, and from the background they are going on: tu ti ru tam pouse tu ti ru tam pouse
  8. 8. P W . . . . . . . . . . . . a potem . . . . . . . . . . . . . huj mnie prawie strzelił
  9. 9. I'm walking through ... My mind is like sponge full of red wine, don't wanna take any more. I sucked too much. I don't want anything good, I don't want anything bad. I'm walking again... I don't wanna talk, I don't wanna stay quiet. What is it like? Squeeze me gentle. I don't wanna be too dry. Am I too full or am I too empty? Put a needle in my body and check my reaction. Do I move? Interview me ask me questions on humanity. Make a statement of me. I believe that you could put it all on one page.
  10. 10. Imagine that the word is like a sponge. You’re squeezing it and it makes no sound. Try to say something using only a sponge or maybe two of them. What would you say? There are two kinds of words. Dry ones and wet ones. Take a dry sponge and say something in dry ones. Take the wet one and say something in wet ones. Make a conversation between both of them. I’m recording, I’m receiving...
  11. 11. Today, today I went by train... The train, the train gave me a whistling song for the whole day... The song, the song that long was going on, like a tunnel has been long Whistling, whistling, whistling brake Whistling, whistling, whistling brake Oh my train! Please take me to that place! Oh my train! Please take me to that place... That day, that day I walked along that way. I stick to it, I jelled on the Street. They came to me to make my dreams awake. Arabian sounds with fish bones. They're coming, they're coming straight to my ear, through my whole body, from leg to leg. That smell is coming to me as well. to give me a thrill. lully lully lay beata lully lully lay
  12. 12. The salad Like a multi layered salad - I'm laying down on the grass with my body's pink to it. I'm filtering through the grass. I'm giving my pink liquids out. The grass is oozing juice, so I'm getting green roots. I'm filtering one hand through the layers of grass, I'm dipping my hand to the wrist in the warm something, and then a white, refreshing cream with pieces of chocolate, the layer of something unknown, and on the end a bit of chocolate, just on the ends of my fingers. From above to the top of me - ah - sunshine! This salad - Ladies and Gentlemen has got a taste of life. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a taste of life! Draw your own salad:
  13. 13. I’ve got warm sweet crumpets all over my body And I feel like warm half sweet omelette I'm trembling in apprehension, That they will fall away from me – those crumpets. Exactly like Michael Jackson’s nose As such I have to confess, that I always had this suspicion, that this will happen... ...that finally his nose will fall off his face Michael Jackson's face
  14. 14. jak wyglada cieply placek z samego siebie? Otóż tak jeden placek zbiór placków Tak, tak, tak... Mam placki ! Oh Yeah! I feel a power !
  15. 15. Reasons without reasons Thinking less muttering, mumbling When you desire to talk – keep quite pissed off not enjoyable, not pleasing not staying If it would be said, would it make a difference? dick only one knows (?)
  16. 16. Are you longing? for what? what for? Who? A k.... ha!
  17. 17. It’s getting crowed It’s not going well It’s hopeless But you think otherwise today for “a” tomorrow for “b” and for “L” like L . . . . so when k....? ha!
  18. 18. Radośnie śpiewajmy! aj łona daj ajjajajajaj a łona daj ajajajajaj I wszyscy razem !!! Ewribadi !!! Refren już wszyscy znamy !!! hej! aj łona daj ajajajajaj aj łona daj ajajajajaj i aj...
  19. 19. Podłoga A na niej ja, ja na niej. Ona rysuje moje kształty, Sylwetkę, talię, biodra, piersi, sękate sutki. I kiedy ona mnie tak rysuje, to staję się drewniana. I teraz: Leżę, Leżę . . . Uwaliłam się jak zwierzę... Pływam po podłodze, podłoga pływa podemną. Dwa i półcentymetra to wynosi nad... pa ra raa ra, ra ra ra ...
  20. 20. The Floor and on the Floor me, Its drawing my bosoms. I'm laying down on it, and once again its drawing my shapes, a figure, a waist, my pelvis, my breast and knotty nipples. And when its drawing me like that, I'm becoming wooden. And right now: I'm laying, I'm laying... I'm boozed like an animal... I'm swimming on the Floor, The Floor is swimming just two and a half centimetre under me, as much it is under...
  21. 21. Probably 07.02 In the tube it’s hard to write. And I wanted to write something, but it’s shaking. For most of our lives we sleep. King’s Cross Saint Pancreas - I’m passing. I’m also passing people sitting next to me and the whole environment. I’m passing it all insensitively and indifferently. Ah, if somebody would put a serum into my blood... New blood, new stimuli, new life. Green Park change I’m going further. It’s buzzing! (?) Few people. Nothing special. They are sitting, reading, maybe they’ve got a hangover? In an expectation for the sun. Yes. Southwark station - arrived